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Here are a few more reasons both members and NON-IC members signed up for this years Big Summer Burn and a few very heartfelt testimonials. All of us here at the IC hope to see you back for another round next season!

Sara said when she weighed 215 pounds, sweat pants, yoga pants and scrubs became her typical go to items of apparel.

John said one of the things that excited him the most was that he managed to accomplish this (the contest requirements) while living a "normal" life, adding he didn't feel deprived at any time (during the contest.)

Lianne, a 59 year old female said she became a convert (to BFFM) when she realized the program's core requirements were simply to do cardio and strength training, eat better and believe in yourself.

Dana said the IC became a place for her to learn and soak up all the good energy that was there. It is so true what they say about surrounding yourself with like-minded people. You, too, will find success if you surround yourself with like-minded individuals. I did…and got fantastic results.

At age 54, Thys joined our challenge because she refused to believe all of the negative information out there about weight gain due to aging and menopause.

Vic told us in his essay that he has more energy, more self-confidence and feels a whole heck of a lot younger. "My wife loves looking at me like we first met and my kids are very proud of their dad. That is an uplifting and awesome feeling to have as a husband and father."

Jeni's post challenge testimonial sums things up nicely: "I could tell immediately that this wasn't just another diet book. It had substance. It was REAL. No fluff. This guy [Tom Venuto] knows what he's talking about. Tom sounded like a friend giving advice on topics he knew so well, 'elements' that he lived every day, as a role model for so many. After my car accident, the positivity and genuine support I received from members of the Inner Circle helped lift me up when I was down. The encouragement, sharing of personal stories, and the 'we are all in this together' spirit motivated, inspired and empowered me!"

Congratulations to all!

Burn the Fat Summer Challenge SEASON 11 Finishers (A-Z)

Liliana Almeida  (lilalmeida)

Estrellita Ammirati  (LessEs)

Bob Bullard  (BobBullard)

Jill Button  (blondbomb)

Jo Anne Caley  (Mamajo)

Cynthia Callahan  (CinCal)

Cynthia Cardenas  (cindy1981)

Bethlian Casamassima  (Moving2anewme)

Prudence Caskey  (oneflmanatee)

Marc Chabot  (marcchabot)

Jenn Champion-Cope  (PowerJenn)

Erin Chaney  (chaney011)

Rebecca Cherry  (RebeccaCherry)

Emma Chetwynd_Jarvis  (ejarvis)

Terri Chrisman  (Possumy)

Annie Coetzee  (Thys)

Thys Coetzee  (Thys)

Darryl-Steven Cook  (Ozzie2108)

John Crosby  (yodacroz)

Agatha Doerksen  (Koko)

Susan Doerksen-Castro  (susanjane)

Penu Dokouzov  (penudokouzov)

Lisa Donmeyer  (Lisa Donmeyer)

Andrew Doucette  (work4results)

Jenny Downs  (Jenleigh20)

Cori Dyer  (livfitgirl)

Cary Einhaus  (imwhdim)

Kimberly Evans  (blondestar)

Debora Fig Head  (jdi58)

Mary Flores  (4Dawgz)

Tim Flores  (Guster)

Terry Ford  (terryfitt)

Coby Foreman  (Cforeman)

Andrew Frenette  (SleepingGrizzly)

Charlyne Fugere  (Charlyne)

Javier Garcia  (jvrgrc)

Lana George  (Sedona)

Leah Germain  (Lkd99)

Ellis Goins  (ellisg)

Tristann Graves  (kb7vbz)

Esther Greenfield  (esteri)

Charlotte Grøftehauge  (charlottedk)

Bob Hale  (bob)

Unnur Hallgrímsdóttir  (Unnur)

Caitlin Hancock  (Superfitchick)

Nate Harrison  (natedogg319)

Susan Haveman  (Haveman)

Mathew Hayden  (Batman)

Stacey Hayden  (justac)

Eric Heinrich  (erich)

Mike Hoffman  (MikePhoenix)

Lianne Holloway  (Lianne)

Dathan Jacobson  (dathan)

Lynell Jacobson  (jacobsondaly)

Brio Jones  (BrioBaile)

Elizabeth Jones  (Radgirl)

Victoria Kaiser  (canadianvic)

Erica Kane  (eschulma)

Kevin Keister  (kskeis58)

Chris Kellam  (ckwillbefit)

Penny Klingler  (pklingler)

Dana Kosmark  (danathek)

Gene Kosmark  (genethek)

Kristy Kramer  (nursekristy55)

Holly Kwiatkowski  (AiyannaNova)

Victor Kwiatkowski  (Shredder87)

Sandra Lamari  (sandeerah)

James Lemon  (jamesm)

Jenny Locke  (Jenn)

MaryAnne Mackenzie  (Mam)

Piero Maina  (allenby)

Shirley Martin  (sammy707)

Hanah Mauck  (Hannah)

Jeni McKenna  (Sookie)

Jamie Mennie  (j-me)

Anthony Messina  (ajm9230)

Ikumi Mizuta  (ikumi)

Paula Montgomery  (pamgam)

Michelle Musto  (Shumm212)

Chelle Lynn Oliveri  (Olvchelle)

Julien Orban  (BabaORhum)

Raegan Overstreet  (roverstr)

Ayelen Palacios  (Ayelen)

Brian Pittack  (pittack32)

Kelli Provost  (KelliProvost)

Suneil Ramesh  (suneil)

Lila Rawlings  (Lilale123)

Alice Rison  (u2ecila)

Catherine Rosse  (crosser_1981)

Rachel Ruiz  (rachruiz1)

Wendy Schiffman  (Wendysue)

Herman Wladimir Sebek  (sebeko)

Theresa Siegel  (kc9agz)

Raquel Silva  (Raquel_Portugal)

Devinder Singh Randhawa  (1DEV)

Ken Slater  (machaman)

Rebecca Lynn Smith  (b4becca)

Denisa Soarers  (HappyAcres)

Anna Soland  (xfit_anna)

Ross Stockwell  (Ross Stockwell)

Marianne Thorsen  (Casimir)

Michelle Turcotte  (turk)

Mickie Valentin  (92_Project)

Cathy Vergara  (MAITRI)

Kris West  (GYM PIXIE)

Russell Whitesell  (Rwhitesel)

Kimberly Wilkins-Tonda  (Kimmer)

Ruth Winn  (ruthinsalem)

Dianne Woodworth  (bizidi)

ATTENTION CHALLENGE FINISHERS: If you finished this challenge and do not see yourself on this list, please contact us immediately and we will add your name and face at your request. If your name is on this list and you would prefer to be listed semi-anonymously (for example, screen name only or first name and last initial), contact us and we will update your listing for you. Kind regards, Admin.

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