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home | Mind and Motivation

Mind and Motivation: "We Become What We Think About, Most Of The Time..."

Mindset and motivation are critical aspects in forging a lean physique. Earl Nightingale said, "The strangest secret is that we become what we think about, most of the time." It all begins in the mind. Thought is the cause. Behavior is the effect. We think, and with those thoughts, we create.

In The Inner Circle Mind And Motivation department, you will find information and resources that will teach you how to set and achieve goals, help you direct your thoughts, sharpen your mental imagery, train your mind, transform your self-image and develop the mental strength needed to create the body and health of your dreams.

Top 10 Ways For Regular People To Get Motivated
by Tom Venuto
Top 10 Ways For Regular People To Get Motivated "What's the best way to get motivated?" That's one of the questions I'm asked most often. Look, almost everyone has up and down days, mentally as well as physically. Fortunately, you can learn how to get motivated instantly, you just need the right strategies. Here are 10 of the best... (Number 1 and 2 were no-brainers... but number 8 was a huge surprise!)... . . . keep reading
The Burn The Fat Goal Card - New "Expect Success" Edition (Download)
The Burn The Fat Goal Card - New "Expect Success" Edition (Download) This simple but powerful tool - The Goal Card - is much more than a focusing device - it's also a mental training tool that will train your brain for success, programming your goal into your mind like a target is programmed into the guidance system of a torpedo... BOOM! Goal achieved! Download your card and read the new tutorial to learn how to use your card most effectively: . . . keep reading
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Goal-Achieving Checklist (Print-Ready Download)
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Goal-Achieving Checklist (Print-Ready Download) A 13 point checklist designed to help you set new goals and to help you troubleshoot challenges you're facing in achieving your current goals. Downloadable checklist in PDF format . . . keep reading
Breaking Bad... Habits: How to Stop Any Self-Defeating Behavior With 1 Simple Mind Trick
By Tom Venuto
Breaking Bad... Habits: How to Stop Any Self-Defeating Behavior With 1 Simple Mind Trick You want to stop drinking soda or eating chips (or, insert other indulgence you know is not helping your fat loss), you sincerely do. But you've tried so many times, and it always seems like there's a mysterious magnetic "pull" drawing you back to your old ways - it's like a groove you slip right back into. That's the bad news about the power of habit. The good news is, there's a secret to breaking bad habits and this is it. . . . keep reading
Mind The Gap: Handling the Transitions In Life And Fitness
By Brian Nordberg
Mind The Gap: Handling the Transitions In Life And Fitness Fitness comes from living a lifestyle that improves or sustains our physical well being. But every life and every fitness journey goes through transitions, such as changing fitness goals or going from competition mode to off season mode. In a broader sense, life itself is full of transitions: school, marriage, children, divorce, career, retirement… And, each transition comes with some risk. This is where it pays to heed the advice to mind the gap. . . . keep reading
7 Keys to Effective Goal Setting For Bodybuilders
Tom Venuto
7 Keys to Effective Goal Setting For Bodybuilders The principles of effective goal setting are the same no matter what your desired outcome, but bodybuilders face some unique challenges, especially as they progress to the advanced level after years of training. Knowing how to set goals effectively is the key to staying motivated and continuing to make progress, . . . keep reading
Body Transformation And the Hero's Journey
By Javier Garcia
Body Transformation And the Hero's Journey Everyone who goes through a body transformation challenge has an opportunity to engage in a hero's journey. The hero's journey, famously described by mythologist Joseph Campbell, appears in all cultures and eras because it represents the universal process of personal change. The changes may appear physical, but they are every bit as psychological as well. The end result is a both an inner and outer transformation. The hero's journey has with three major cycles: a departure, an initiation and a return... . . . keep reading
Instead of Making Resolutions Set S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals
By Tom Venuto
Instead of Making Resolutions Set S.M.A.R.T.E.R. Goals Why do new year's resolutions usually fail? Why do you start with guns blazing on January 1st, but by February, you're losing motivation, cheating on your diet, skipping workouts, and slipping back into old patterns? The dictionary definition of resolution is the mental state or quality of being resolved; a firm determination. With the arrival of every New Year, however, resolution usually ends up meaning "to re-solve." . . . keep reading
Mindful Muscle: Merging Mental, Physical and Spiritual Strength
By Chris Willitts
Mindful Muscle: Merging Mental, Physical and Spiritual Strength Want to maximize your strength training, your body and your life…like Tom? Then take a break, sit quietly and relax! That is, don't limit your definition (or development) of strength to the physical. Strength is also mental and emotional and should be developed and balanced. Self-hypnosis and visualization have long been an integral part of most professional athlete's daily regimens; but whether you are an athlete, fitness buff or entrepreneur, taking a few minutes each day to be "mentally mindful" is soooo important. Here's why . . . keep reading
Go Ahead Talk To Brick Walls: Making Goals Real With An Online Journal
By Jan Smith
Go Ahead Talk To Brick Walls: Making Goals Real With An Online Journal Why keep an online journal, even when - at least in the beginning - it sometimes feels like you're "talking to brick walls?" Since 2007, Jan has kept a journal on the Inner Circle, and started a new one several times each year. Since then she has also become the poster girl for continuous and never-ending improvement and goal achievement. What is it about writing down your goals, your struggles, your victories and all your other innermost thoughts that seems to translate into more learning, more action and more success? read on and find out ... . . . keep reading
Looking Out For #1: Why It's So Important To Be "Appropriately Selfish"
By Tom Venuto
Looking Out For #1: Why It's So Important To Be "Appropriately Selfish" When Oprah Winfrey wrote her famous article about her weight control struggles, writers and bloggers everywhere grabbed their keyboards to jump into the fray of speculation about why she's had such a hard time managing her weight. Because weight control is a complex problem, spanning across every area of a person's life, there were probably many reasons. However, Oprah wrote something in her own article that leaped off the page, at least it did for me, about why she thought she gained the weight back. It's very likely that you might be doing the same thing and it not only leads to weight relapse, it could kill you... . . . keep reading
Photographs: High Octane Emotional Fuel For Motivation, Accountability and Long Term Fitness Success
by Michael Boyd
Photographs: High Octane Emotional Fuel For Motivation, 
Accountability and Long Term Fitness Success When someone who has lost over 254.6 pounds of fat and kept it off shares his fat loss tricks you might want to pay attention. Over the past two years Michael Boyd has lost an incredible amount of body fat and he attributes much of his success to 'photographs.' Pictures can be a powerful tool in your quest to burn the fat and Mike's article will show you how to use Photographs to pour fuel on your fat burning fire... . . . keep reading
How To Protect Your POSITIVITY
By Dougal MacDonald
How To Protect Your POSITIVITY Life's ups and downs affect every person, but how each person responds to them can vary dramatically! Some people become emotionally stable while others become emotionally volatile. There are secrets to staying positive and steadying your emotional ship, and unless you learn them, you'll experience a life of turmoil as your attitude and emotions bob up and down between wonderfully exciting highs to confidence shattering and saddening lows. How do some people stay so positive and stable? read on to find out...

. . .
keep reading
The Little Thing in Your Head That's Keeping You Fat
By Tom Venuto
The Little Thing in Your Head That's Keeping You Fat A scientist somewhere just read the title of this article and said out loud, "YES! Venuto is right! That little thing in your head - the hypothalamus - it IS the thing keeping you fat! By George, that Venuto guy isn't a dumb bodybuilder after all - he's been doing his research!" At which moment, I will be shaking my head and thinking, you need to get out of the lab and into the real world, with real people, buddy." To be fair, Neuro-endocrine control of appetite and body fat really is fascinating. But today, I'm talking about PSYCH-ology, not PHYSI-ology. The little thing in your head that's keeping you fat is actually just a... . . . keep reading
What Now... That I've Reached My Goal?
By Dougal MacDonald
What Now... That I've Reached My Goal? You set a big goal and now you've reached it! At first, you're on top of the world - ecstatic, exhilarated and proud! Then something strange happens. The high doesn't last. You start feeling a little down... lost... empty... directionless... and strangely un-motivated. If this sounds familiar, don't worry - it's normal. But there are several things you must do if you want to re-capture and keep that motivated, exhilarated feeling and keep going strong... . . . keep reading
A Research-Proven "Mind Training" Technique That Makes You Stronger
Tom Venuto
A Research-Proven "Mind Training" Technique That Makes You Stronger The word visualization sometimes conjures up images of new age gurus teaching esoteric techniques for personal enlightenment and "attracting" what you want into your life. This causes many evidence-based types to scoff. However, piles of research has shown that mental imagery (aka "visualization") can improve performance. The latest study suggests that a certain type of mental imagery can also increase your strength... To keep reading CLICK HERE . . . keep reading
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Here's what people are saying about Burn The Fat and the Inner Circle...

"Tom Venuto is a credible, qualified professional who knows his stuff. More than that, he has a genuine concern for the people he's helping. His "Inner Circle" is a premier quality resource - well worth the money, and a benefit to anyone, anywhere, of any age who is trying to lose weight. I highly recommend it!"

Paul Crane,

"I'll be at the Inner Circle forever. I dont think I'm every going away again. When I am there, I always feel really good, on top of the world. The people are so kind and helpful. I'm so very grateful to Tom Venuto and the whole family here in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle. This really has changed my life."

Dawn Williams
love your body challenge finalist
lost 200 lbs

"I just listened to the first "Burn the Fat Show" and this one 20-minute message is at the top of my list. I have motivational CD's and books coming out the wazoo and you've set a standard in your show that I look forward to listening to again and again. Keep up the GREAT work!"."

Steve Wiebusch

The support here is incredible for my morale. I'm excited about the inches I've lost. In the past when I'd get halfway there, I'd lose motivation and quit. I've never made it this far and still felt motivated to keep going. "

Rikki Fougere

"I have many people everyday ask me what my secret is and how I lost 137 pounds. I tell them the same thing - I use Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program and it all boils down to "How bad do you want it?"
Mike Ogorek

"I've been following the Burn The Fat recommendations and I now fit into a pair of jeans that I havent worn in a long time. The Salvation Army must love me these days, as I've liberated 12 clothes hangers and two shelves of oversized clothes since New Years!"
Sarah Cecile

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