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Most Popular Articles on the Burn The Fat Inner Circle Site

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The list shows the most widely read articles on this site.

  1. How To Get Your Abs To "POP" Out: The Real Secrets To Exposing Your Six Pack
    By Tom Venuto
    You've heard that expression "abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym" but is that entirely true? What's the real secret to exposing your abs - is it dieting harder and getting your body fat percentage even lower, or is it doing more ab exercises and training your abs even harder so the ab muscles "pop" more? And what about the way your abs look when they do show through? Is there anything you can do to get the full 6-pack or even the 8-pack to show more? Read on and find out... . . . keep reading

  2. What is the Necessary Body Fat Percentage to See Your Abs?
    By Tom Venuto
    QUESTION: I can't figure out what body fat % I should be aiming at to achieve that ripped abs look. I'm female, 35years old. I started at 19% body fat and the lowest I've gotten so far was 11.8% body fat with a caliper test. I've been thinking about doing a figure competition, but even at that body fat percentage, which I know is very low, I still had some "patches" of fat. How do I know what body fat percentage I should target so that all the fat is gone? . . . keep reading

  3. From Lean To Ripped: How To Get In Fitness Model Shape in 49 Days or Less
    By Tom Venuto, with special guest Agi Tenbusch
    Here is the exact formula - meal plans, workout schedules and mindset - that one "regular girl" used to get a fitness model body in only 49 days during the Burn the Fat Challenge. You can see her transformation pictures and modeling photos showing how a person who is already in good shape can get into GREAT shape All the details inside this new transformation success story article!... . . . keep reading

  4. The Biggest Loser Pros And Cons: An In-Depth Review of Television's Most Popular Reality Show
    Tom Venuto
    The Biggest Loser -- a reality show which is essentially a race to see who can lose weight the fastest - is one of the most popular reality shows in Television history. I've known about The Biggest Loser since it debuted in 2005 because people ask me all the time what I think of the program and of course, "How do they lose so much weight?" Until now, I've only seen video clips, browsed forum threads and read news about the show. To give informed answers to questions in the future, I finally wanted to see first-hand what this was really all about. So I sat through the entire two-hour 8th season premiere on September 15th. Here's my take on the show... . . . keep reading

  5. Katch-McArdle Calorie Calculator for Men and Women
    by Tom Venuto
    If you would like to get the most precise calculations possible for your basal metabolic rate, so you will know exactly how many calories you should eat to lose, gain or maintain your weight, then this is the calculator you will want to use. The "Katch-McArdle" formula used in this online calculator is generally considered the most accurate of all because it includes lean body mass in the formula. As long as you know your body fat percentage and lean body mass, then you can use this calculator for bullseye-accurate calorie calculations.... . . . keep reading

  6. The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle 28-Day Fitness Habits Challenge - Official Information and Schedule Page
    [Registration is closed, next event starts November 2016!]Enter the Burn the Fat Fitness Habits Challenge! It's a no-photos-required fitness contest that lasts only 28 days - just long enough to plant the roots of great lifelong health habits. Three or four-month transformation contests require a serious time commitment. But anyone can finish a 28-day challenge... plus, with our random winner drawings, anyone who finishes can win! Click Here to learn more... . . . keep reading

  7. Bikini, Fitness Model, Fitness, Figure, Bodybuilding and Natural Bodybuilding - What is the Difference Between All The Contest Divisions?
    By Tom Venuto
    Whether you're a fan or a competitor in the physique sports (or simply a curious spectator), you may have wondered what is the difference between all the different divisions: bodybuilding, physique, fitness, fitness model, figure and bikini. It gets confusing to know what the judges want when there are so many categories and even sub-categories. In some divisions, you're rewarded for carrying more muscle size and being more ripped, while in others you're actually penalized for the same thing! And a big question is, what's the REAL difference between bodybuilding and natural bodybuilding divisions? . . . keep reading

  8. The New Rules of Cutting Calories: What is the "Real" Ideal Calorie Deficit?
    By Tom Venuto
    How far should you cut your calories to lose fat safely at the maximum rate? How large of a deficit is necessary? What is the lowest safe level of caloric intake? Why do some people lose a lot of weight on very low calorie diets, apparently without problems? Recent research has shed some new light on the subject, so it's worth revisiting "the optimal calorie deficit" including that old advice about "cutting 500 calories a day to lose a pound per week, cutting 1000 calories a day to lose two pounds per week, etc"... like other things in nutrition, you are about to learn that once size (calorie deficit) does not fit all! . . . keep reading

  9. The 2017 Burn the Fat Love Your Body Challenge... Official Information and Start Dates
    Transform yourself in 49 Days in the Burn the Fat Love Your Body Challenge - it's the first and only fitness contest that anyone can win because it's based on points (photos optional!) Prize winners every week… and you're entered in the prize drawing just for finishing! If you can keep a workout journal, write down your goals and keep a food journal, you can WIN! . . . keep reading

  10. How to Improve Weak Deltoids and Broaden Your Shoulders: Training Secrets of Top Bodybuilders and Figure Models
    By Tom Venuto
    The deltoids are an extremely important muscle to develop, especially the side deltoid, which gives you more width. When your shoulders get wider, it creates an optical illusion of a smaller waist. Whether you're male or female, adding muscle on your side delts and reducing waist size by lowering body fat can completely transform your body's appearance and symmetry. Here's how to do it! . . . keep reading

  11. High Protein Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes (UPDATED)
    by Tom Venuto
    Here it is - the most popular, most famous Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle recipe of all time: High Protein Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal Pancakes! These pancakes are delicious, super easy to make and also 100% portable, making this the ultimate take-it-with-you travel meal. . . . keep reading

  12. How To Begin A Running Program (Part 2): From Couch To 5K In 3 Weeks!
    By Arkady Hagopian
    In Part 2 of our 3 part series, endurance training expert Arkady Hagopian reveals exactly what to do, day by day, to prepare for your first 5K (3.1 mile) race... from couch to competitively finishing your first 5K in 3 weeks! You'll also discover some of the best running form and breathing tips to increase your performance and decrease injuries that often plague beginners. If you're new to running or if you want to run your first race and do it right, this article is for you! . . . keep reading

  13. Egg White Protein Vs. Whey Protein Vs. Soy Protein: Which One Wins In a 3-Way Showdown?
    By Tom Venuto
    Egg whites are a staple food in the bodybuilding, physique and figure athlete world. Some bodybuilding trainers and nutritionists even claim that it's better than whey protein and that both egg white and whey protein blow soy out of the water. But gym lore and bodybuilding tradition has often turned out to be wrong (or just plain overkill), so what does the science say? Is there any reason that egg white is the superior protein for leaning out and building muscle? Read on to find out... . . . keep reading

  14. Upright Rows: Shoulder Wrecker Or The Most Underrated Deltoid Exercise?
    By Tom Venuto
    Barbell upright rows... you see people doing them in the gym every day, but you may have also heard from your trainer or gym buddies that this popular exercise can "wreck your shoulders." Is the upright row one of those exercises you should never do? Do they really cause shoulder impingement syndrome and if so, then why do you see so many champion bodybuilders and figure athletes doing them? . . . keep reading

  15. Harris-Benedict Calorie Calculator For Women
    Tom Venuto
    Women have different calorie needs than men. If you're female, be sure you don't use a generic diet that gives the same amount of food to women as it does to men - that's a red flag! Instead, use this amazing custom-built tool to find your calorie needs with just a few mouse clicks (no more number crunching!) The "Harris-Benedict" equation in this calculator uses a scientific formula to determine your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) based on your height, weight and age. You will then discover exactly how many calories you need to maintain your weight, based on your personal activity level, and how many calories you should eat to burn fat safely and healthfully at the fastest rate possible... . . . keep reading

  16. You WANT TO, but are you WILLING TO? Casey's Journey to becoming the Burn the Fat Challenge Champion
    By Casey Richardson
    Right here are the nutrition, training and motivation secrets of the top body transformation in this year's Burn the Fat Challenge! Meet Men's overall winner Casey Richardson and discover how he burned so much fat and transformed his physique so dramatically that people are saying, "that doesn't even look like the same guy!" click here to read more... . . . keep reading

  17. Circumference Bodyfat Calculator - The "Navy" Formula (Updated!)
    by Tom Venuto
    Skinfold testing is our top choice for body fat measurement in the Burn The Fat program. However, many people have a hard time getting accurate skinfold readings, especially if they are substantially overweight. Although not as precise, an alternative is the "circumference method." All you need is a tape measure! Simply take your measurements, enter them into our online calculator and get an instant one-click estimate of your body fat %!... . . . keep reading

  18. 4-Site Body Fat Calculator (Jackson-Pollock Formula) UPDATED
    by Tom Venuto
    When you're choosing a method for body fat testing, you need something that's practical, easy to perform, and is consistent over repeated measurements. That's why skinfold testing aka "pinch an inch" is an ideal method of testing and tracking your results over time. With the help of this simple 4-site body fat calculator you can calculate your body fat percentage accurately and with ease. . . . keep reading

  19. Burn The Fat Macronutrient Calculator
    Here is a quick and easy Macronutrient Calculator that will allow you to plug in your calories, the type of macronutrient percentages that you want to adhere by, the number of meals you are eating, and this calculator will display grams per day, grams per meal, calories per day, and calories per meal. . . . keep reading

  20. A.M. Fat Burn: The Truth About Fasted Cardio
    By Tom Venuto
    Doing your cardio first thing in the morning on an empty stomach has been embraced by bodybuilders as a tried and true fat loss method... and they should know - bodybuilders are the leanest muscular athletes one earth. However, fasted cardio remains a controversial subject and many exercise physiologists doubt whether it matters when you do your cardio. See what both sides are saying in this revealing feature article and then decide for yourself... . . . keep reading

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