Contributors to the Burn The Fat Inner Circle
Tom Venuto - Burn Fat - Fat Burning - Burn the Fat Inner Circle - Weight Loss Support Community - Burn The Fat ChallengeTom Venuto - Burn Fat - Fat Burning - Burn the Fat Inner Circle - Weight Loss Support Community - Burn The Fat Challenge
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Contributors to the Burn The Fat Inner Circle

Meet the Burn the Fat Inner Circle Team!

Tom Venuto, Founder & CEO Tom Venuto, Founder & CEO
Tom is the founder and CEO of Burn The Fat Inner Circle and the man who created the vision for this amazing Fat Loss Support Community! Tom Venuto is a lifetime natural bodybuilder, an NSCA-certified personal trainer (CPT), certified strength & conditioning specialist (CSCS), and author of the #1 best-selling diet and fitness e-book, 'Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle.' keep reading

Kyle Battis, Website Manager & Contributor Kyle Battis, Website Manager & Contributor
Kyle Battis, NSCA-CPT, CSCS, is the site Manager and the 'man in charge' at the Inner Circle. Kyle is the one who puts content in place, handles technical support, takes care of customer service and keeps the inner circle a well-oiled machine. Kyle is also regular contributor and writer for the inner circle and conducts many of the Burn The Fat Success Story Audio Interviews keep reading

John Sifferman, Trainer, Contributor John Sifferman, Trainer, Contributor
John Sifferman is a health-first fitness coach who has been teaching, training and coaching people in various capacities since 2006. He also joined the Burn The Fat team in 2006 and is now an official Burn The Fat Fitness Training Specialist who holds the position of Training Department Manager - making him the resident training expert here at the Burn The Fat Inner Circle. keep reading

Jim Katsoulis, Contributor & Columnist Jim Katsoulis, Contributor & Columnist
Jim is a Master Hypnotist and Weight Loss Expert. He has conducted over 3,000 weight loss sessions and has helped thousands of people create the body and lives they want through his groundbreaking weight loss course, Program Yourself Thin. Using cutting edge mental change techniques and a common sense approach, he has personally dropped 50 pounds and kept it off without a day of dieting. These methods have worked when everything else has failed, and he is dedicated to helping others recapture the excitement, passion, and confidence that comes with living in the body of your dreams. keep reading

Kostas Marangopoulos, Contributor
Kostas Marangopoulos, MSc., NSCA-CPT is a Certified Personal Trainer, a natural bodybuilder and the editor in chief of two of the top Natural Bodybuilding websites on the web, and Kostas is also the managing editor of keep reading

Dr. Chris Mohr, RD, Columnist / Dietician Dr. Chris Mohr, RD, Columnist / Dietician
Dr. Chris Mohr, PhD, RD, is the co-founder of Mohr Results, Inc a company that helps individuals from soccer moms to collegiate and professional athletes achieve optimal health and well being through education, nutrition, and behavior change. Dr. Mohr is a health nutrition consultant to a number of media outlets and corporations including Discovery Health Channel, Clif Bar, Waterfront Media, and Fit Fuel. keep reading

Scott Tousignant,  Contributor Scott Tousignant, Contributor
Scott is a graduate of the University of Windsor Human Kinetic Program with honours in Movement Science '99. Scott began with an intense interest in anatomy, biomechanics, and physiology, but developed a love for Sport Psychology. Scott teaches you how to go beyond temporary motivation or lack of, and helps you discover the deep down burning desire that is necessary to maintain the life long drive to developing a lean and sexy body and continue to improve upon it for life. keep reading

Mike Howard, Contributor Mike Howard, Contributor
Mike Howard has been actively involved in the fitness industry since 1996 - amassing more than 10,000 hours of in-the-trenches experience helping people achieve phenomenal health. Mike specializes in fat loss, corrective exercise and youth fitness. A dedicated and lifelong student, Mike is on the cutting edge of exercise and nutritional science and designs strategies to help people get fast, efficient and long-lasting results. In addition to personal training and coaching youth, Mike is an accomplished writer, with over 350 articles to his credit. keep reading

Stef O'Donnell, Contributor Stef O'Donnell, Contributor
Stefanie O'Donnell is the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle 2011 Summer Challenge Runner Up and Winner of the Most Ripped Award. She is also a Certified Personal Trainer and Certified in Fitness Nutrition. She has lifted weights and followed a healthy lifestyle for over twenty years. Having first hand experience in the struggles of "losing the last ten pounds", and "getting fit in your forties", she has made it her mission to help other women get healthy and achieve their fitness goals. keep reading

Arkady Hagopian, Contributor Arkady Hagopian, Contributor
By Arkady Hagopian
Arkady Hagopian transformed his 240 pound (40% body fat) 'health wreck' body into a 162 pound, 10% body fat, high-performance endurance athlete. He used to hyperventilate when walking up a flight of stairs but now he runs marathons and competes in one of the world's toughest endurance events - the Ironman triathlon. He does this all while maintaining a muscular physique. We are very pleased to announce that Arkady is now our resident endurance training expert. He is here to answer all your questions about endurance sports - running, cycling swimming and triathalon in particular - and how you can combine the Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle lifestyle with endurance training. keep reading

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Here's what people are saying about Burn The Fat and the Inner Circle...

"Tom Venuto is a credible, qualified professional who knows his stuff. More than that, he has a genuine concern for the people he's helping. His "Inner Circle" is a premier quality resource - well worth the money, and a benefit to anyone, anywhere, of any age who is trying to lose weight. I highly recommend it!"

Paul Crane,

"I'll be at the Inner Circle forever. I dont think I'm every going away again. When I am there, I always feel really good, on top of the world. The people are so kind and helpful. I'm so very grateful to Tom Venuto and the whole family here in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle. This really has changed my life."

Dawn Williams
love your body challenge finalist
lost 200 lbs

"I just listened to the first "Burn the Fat Show" and this one 20-minute message is at the top of my list. I have motivational CD's and books coming out the wazoo and you've set a standard in your show that I look forward to listening to again and again. Keep up the GREAT work!"."

Steve Wiebusch

The support here is incredible for my morale. I'm excited about the inches I've lost. In the past when I'd get halfway there, I'd lose motivation and quit. I've never made it this far and still felt motivated to keep going. "

Rikki Fougere

"I have many people everyday ask me what my secret is and how I lost 137 pounds. I tell them the same thing - I use Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program and it all boils down to "How bad do you want it?"
Mike Ogorek

"I've been following the Burn The Fat recommendations and I now fit into a pair of jeans that I havent worn in a long time. The Salvation Army must love me these days, as I've liberated 12 clothes hangers and two shelves of oversized clothes since New Years!"
Sarah Cecile

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