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Mastery By George Leonard - Book Review By Tom Venuto Mastery By George Leonard - Book Review By Tom Venuto
By Tom Venuto
If there is a certain way to success and fulfillment, it is found in the long-term, essentially goalless process of mastery. This is the thesis of George Leonard in his book, Mastery. It's a personal development classic and truly the ultimate anti-quick fix book - almost a must-read for anyone who has struggled with inconsistency and relapse... keep reading

Strong and Sculpted By Brad Schoenfeld - Book Review Strong and Sculpted By Brad Schoenfeld - Book Review
By Tom Venuto
Strong and Sculpted by Brad Schoenfeld is one of the best science-based workout programs for women that has been published in book form for the general public. That's what Strong and Sculpted is primarily - a series of day-by-day, month-by-month workout programs, along with extensive exercise instruction keep reading

Strength Training Anatomy By Frederick Delavier (3rd Edition) Book Review Strength Training Anatomy By Frederick Delavier (3rd Edition) Book Review
Review By Tom Venuto
Strength Training Anatomy is a book of expertly drawn illustrations of the human body (over 600) performing weight training exercises. The primary muscles being worked are colored in red and clearly labeled. It's an incredibly neat way to learn muscle anatomy and exercise form at the same time. This book's concept and contents have been imitated many times, but Delavier's is the original and the best... keep reading

Starve Mode By Leigh Peele Starve Mode By Leigh Peele
By Tom Venuto
"Have I messed up my metabolism?" "Am I in starvation mode?" "I know I should eat more, but won't I gain weight if I increase calories?" "How long does it take to restore a "damaged" metabolism?" "Am I stuck at a plateau and if so how do I break it?" "At my age, is there no hope for my metabolism?" If you've ever asked yourself questions like these, there is an important book you may want to read - "Starve Mode." keep reading

The Fat Loss Prescription By Spencer Nadolsky The Fat Loss Prescription By Spencer Nadolsky
Review By Tom Venuto
Dr. Spencer Nadolsky is known by his clients, readers and colleagues as "the Doc who lifts." That's more than a clever nickname, it's important to know because it's not every day that your MD will prescribe exercise (and healthy food) as the first line of defense against obesity and disease, and only after that, start talking about medication or surgery. What's more, Dr. Spencer is a serious lifter and has the physique to show for it. He's a role model in a way that is much too rare in the medical profession... keep reading

Strength Training For Fat Loss: Book Review Strength Training For Fat Loss: Book Review
By Tom Venuto
I recommend Strength Training for Fat Loss to my own clients on a regular basis when their goal is maximize fat loss through resistance training, to save time, and especially when the goal involves doing something different than traditional strength or bodybuilding-style programs. Nick teaches how to optimize resistance training design to give the best of both worlds - building strength and muscle along with increasing the metabolic effect of training to burn more fat at the same time. keep reading

The Lean Muscle Diet By Alan Aragon The Lean Muscle Diet By Alan Aragon
By Tom Venuto
The themes woven throughout this book - scientific, sustainable, customized and flexible - are a big part of what make The Lean Muscle Diet unique, appealing, effective, and a breath of fresh air. It might sound unbelievable to say that The Lean Muscle Diet shows you how you can eat the foods you love and that eating the foods you prefer is precisely how to get lean and stay lean for life, but that's exactly what this book delivers - along with the science to back it up. keep reading

The MAX Muscle Plan by Brad Schoenfeld The MAX Muscle Plan by Brad Schoenfeld
By Tom Venuto
The MAX Muscle Plan is a step by step workout program with the perfect blend of art and science. Author Brad Schoenfeld, PhD, specializes in mechanisms of muscle hypertrophy. Knowing his background, I was expecting this book to be very science-heavy like a research journal article. But when I started reading, I realized that this book is perfect for the average trainee who just wants to be told what to do in the gym, and do it knowing the program is grounded in science. keep reading

Talking Back To Diet Gurus by Mike Howard: Book Review Talking Back To Diet Gurus by Mike Howard: Book Review
By Tom Venuto
Talking Back to the Diet Gurus is like a manifesto of critical thinking for health and fitness enthusiasts. Author Mike Howard helps the reader make sense of today's diet program paradox: There is a huge volume of information about health and weight loss today but it seems inversely proportional to our success at getting leaner and healthier. With few exceptions, there is also an inverse relationship between how well a diet book sells and the science contained within it. keep reading

The Stubborn Fat Solution By Lyle McDonald Book REview The Stubborn Fat Solution By Lyle McDonald Book REview
Review By Tom Venuto
Men have big problems with lower abdominal, waist and lower back fat, but women have an even more trouble losing hip, butt and thigh fat. In the Stubborn Fat Solution, one of the most knowledgeable science researchers in the field reveals the truth about spot reduction, why fat "sticks" to you in certain places, why women's lower body fat is so stubborn, how lower and upper body fat are different and the 3-step process for eliminating stubborn fat. To read the full review, click here... keep reading

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"Tom Venuto is a credible, qualified professional who knows his stuff. More than that, he has a genuine concern for the people he's helping. His "Inner Circle" is a premier quality resource - well worth the money, and a benefit to anyone, anywhere, of any age who is trying to lose weight. I highly recommend it!"

Paul Crane,

"I'll be at the Inner Circle forever. I dont think I'm every going away again. When I am there, I always feel really good, on top of the world. The people are so kind and helpful. I'm so very grateful to Tom Venuto and the whole family here in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle. This really has changed my life."

Dawn Williams
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"I just listened to the first "Burn the Fat Show" and this one 20-minute message is at the top of my list. I have motivational CD's and books coming out the wazoo and you've set a standard in your show that I look forward to listening to again and again. Keep up the GREAT work!"."

Steve Wiebusch

The support here is incredible for my morale. I'm excited about the inches I've lost. In the past when I'd get halfway there, I'd lose motivation and quit. I've never made it this far and still felt motivated to keep going. "

Rikki Fougere

"I have many people everyday ask me what my secret is and how I lost 137 pounds. I tell them the same thing - I use Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program and it all boils down to "How bad do you want it?"
Mike Ogorek

"I've been following the Burn The Fat recommendations and I now fit into a pair of jeans that I havent worn in a long time. The Salvation Army must love me these days, as I've liberated 12 clothes hangers and two shelves of oversized clothes since New Years!"
Sarah Cecile

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