Summer CHALLENGE HALL OF FAME Finishers - SEASON 13 (A- Z)
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Summer CHALLENGE HALL OF FAME Finishers - SEASON 13 (A- Z)

Summer CHALLENGE HALL OF FAME Finishers - SEASON 13 (A- Z)

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Of the hundreds of "burners" and "builders" who entered the Burn the Fat Summer Challenge when it started last May, there were 73 who finished the entire 98 day challenge and posted their "after" photos and results.

Collectively, these 73 "finishers" lost a total of nearly 1,000 pounds! The average person lost 13.4 pounds and the average drop in body fat percentage per person was 6%. One male contestant lost 48 pounds in 98 days! We're proud of and congratulate all of our courageous, dedicated finishers. Their achievement is now immortalized in the Burn the Fat Hall of Fame.

Below you'll also find links that will take you to the Top 3 Men's and Women's announcement page and the Special Category Award Winners' page.

CONGRATULATIONS to all! Keep burning... and building!

Burn the Fat Summer Challenge Finishers (A-Z)

Estrellita Ammirati  (LessEs)

Jen Ashton  (Jenfit)

Ian Babey  (irbabey)

Nicole Bandes  (NicoleB)

Mar Bautista  (Seele)

Crista Benevidez  (FitCris)

Paul Benson  (pben47)

Brett Brewin  (DocBB1973)

Dylan Brobst  (Dylanger)

Cheri Brooks  (cbbrooks)

Bob Bullard  (BobBullard)

Tony Burton  (TonyB6255)

Bill Calhoun  (tadbubs)

Cynthia Callahan  (CinCal)

Jenn Champion-Hope  (PowerJenn)

Nichole Chase  (nicolleen)

Rowena Dalzell  (change4good)

Cary Einhaus  (imwhdim)

Kimberly Evans  (blondestar)

Debora Fig Head  (jdi58)

Ellis Goins  (ellisg)

Kellien Goins  (Kellien)

Lauren Goins  (laureng)

Tristann Graves  (kb7vbz)

Al Gray  (Agray172)

Chris Greene  (micropterus)

Esther Greenfield  (esteri)

Michele Greger  (MicheleG)

Cindy Griswold  (making changes)

Nicole Hacault  (nhacault)

Eric Heinrich  (Eric H)

Mike Hoffman  (MikePhoenix)

Dodge Howell  (DodgeHowell)

Karen Hudson  (karenh)

Rose Huegen  (rezznor)

Dathan Jacobson  (Dathan)

Lynell Jacobson  (jacobsondaly)

Stephen Jennings  (yotne)

Larysa Kowalenko  (rockscool)

Maria Leston Cernada  (malecer)

Alan Macdonald  (thepumpkin2)

Dougal Macdonald  (dougal macdonald)

Piero Maina  (allenby)

Simone Mayer  (simayer)

Caleigh McCreery  (timeflies86)

Jamie Mennie  (j-me)

Karen Marie Millward  (karenmarie)

Andy Passingham  (andypas001)

Patty Peshek  (Seaside)

Charmon Poundstone  (charmlstone)

Jeffrey Prevost  (heffinchester)

Phillip Pym  (Pymster)

Grace Raboud  (gracelw3d)

Marcia Rasmussen  (Happylegs)

Lila Rawlings  (Lilale123)

Jeff Robertson  (Jeffro)

Bonnie Ryan  (blondie)

Miriam Saigh  (FitKat)

Wendy Schiffman  (Wendysue)

Alexander Shurakov  (Goal_minus20Kg)

Devinder Singh Randhawa  (1DEV)

Randall Smith  (shoulderclod)

Lisa Spivey  (lspivey)

Ross Stockwell  (Ross Stockwell)

Katherine Sunderland-Nelson  (Flidais)

Paul Toms jr  (ptomsjr)

Tanya Vietmeier  (tviet)

Maggie Wang  (MaggieW)

Mary Weaver  (fitfemme)

Anna Weber  (LittlePineapple)

Kimberly Wilkins-Tonda  (kimmer)

Ruth Winn  (ruthinsalem)

Stuart Martin Winn  (MartyWinn)

CLICK HERE to see the TOP 3 Men's and Women's Summer Challenge WINNERS


ATTENTION CHALLENGE FINISHERS: If you finished this challenge and do not see yourself on this list, please contact us immediately and we will add your name and face at your request. If your name is on this list and you would prefer to be listed semi-anonymously (for example, screen name only or first name and last initial), contact us and we will update your listing for you. Kind regards, Admin.

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