2013 Burn the Fat Million Step Challenge Hall of Fame
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2013 Burn the Fat Million Step Challenge Hall of Fame

2013 Burn the Fat Million Step Challenge Hall of Fame

By Tom Venuto & The Burn The Fat Team
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At the beginning of the summer of 2013, I announced a new health and fitness challenge to add an extra level of motivation and excitement to the already challenging Burn the Fat Summer Body Transformation Contest...

This challenge was not about body fat percentage, pounds burned off or before and after photos. This challenge was completely different.

On the launch date of the challenge, I explained the mission:

"I, Tom Venuto, challenge you to walk, hike, jog, "slog," run, step, climb or otherwise get thyself off thy backside and log ONE MILLION (1,000,000) steps (or equivalent activity) during the summer challenge of 2013."

The reason for the challenge?

It was a great motivator, for starters. But more than being motivating, 10,000 steps a day is a benchmark where health and fitness authorities say a person is "very active." The average American takes only 5000 to 6000 steps a day.

Inactivity, and especially prolonged sitting, is so harmful to your health, that research by NASA has compared it to the effects that zero gravity has on astronauts - muscle shrinks and your body gets weaker and more susceptible to illness and premature death.

Our mission was to encourage as many men and women as possible to get more active, to burn more fat, to get healthier and to make being more active a habit.

It's not difficult to log 10,000 steps in one day. But it's a a challenge to take 10,000 steps every day for an entire summer - an average of 10,204 steps in 98 days.

New Hall of Fame inductees: Congratulations for "stepping up" to this monumental mission!

Below is a list of every Inner Circle member who achieved that incredible feat - one million steps in 98 days. To our surprise, many participants aimed even higher than 1 million steps, and a small handful - to our astonishment - walked 2 million or even 3 million steps!

The first person to be immortalized in our inaugural 1 million step hall of fame was Deborah Libertore, who reached the benchmark goal of 1,000,000 steps by mid-summer! She then kept going and smashed it, ultimately crossing the 3 million step mark by the end of the 98 days, along with Johnny Stent and Marc Chabot.

Be sure to take a well-deserved break, put your feet up and savor the achievement... The next challenge is coming soon... and with a new twist!

Ranking order is based on number of steps completed.

1 John Stent Johnny 3,107,331
2 Deborah Libertore D2013D 3,093,091
3 Marc Chabot MarcChabot 3,055,057
4 Tristann Graves kb7vbz 2,063,792
5 Kathleen Summers KathleenS 1,815,430
6 Krista Lorenzo Kristalorenzo 1,813,978
7 Theresa Siegel kc9agz 1,744,564
8 Javier Garcia jvrgrc 1,722,687
9 Jill Pironti GMa0801 1,683,482
10 Piero Maina allenby 1,649,978
11 David Flockhart flockie 1,582,546
12 Diane Edwards diane.edwards 1,563,075
13 Tim Breen TheBreen 1,556,202
14 Karen Crotty Dacia 1,415,082
15 Dianne Woodworth bizidi 1,339,599
16 Velva Eselby Char 1,335,415
17 Dierdre Clyne burnitup 1,311,857
18 Kim Erickson Eka1970 1,286,775
19 Tom Venuto tomvenuto 1,267,813
20 Brenda Garlow HealthPromoter 1,251,578
21 Christina Blank wojari 1,248,671
22 Laura Williams drlauraw 1,243,332
23 Lisa Wellman Lisa7691 1,230,346
24 Amy Riha GirlPurple 1,224,452
25 Cynthia Callahan CinCal 1,186,963
26 Bonnie Kemph Bonns 1,162,702
27 Harpreet Singh harry32 1,157,155
28 Christina Kosha Autumn 1,133,376
29 Suzanne Tuley SuzieQuex 1,129,619
30 Tim Nelson TimN 1,129,534
31 Yvette Price pianoyvette 1,129,154
32 Estrellita Ammirati LessEs 1,120,905
33 Alicia Breen AliciaFC 115,768
34 Josh Ketter sangfroid 1,115,462
35 Lisa Devereaux Lisa0825 1,114,717
36 Trica Dehn tdehn 1,095,970
37 Debora Head jdi58 1,087,647
38 Deb Day Ozziedeb 1,085,721
39 John Cook John Cook 1,085,394
40 Tammy Nickerson irontam 1,082,995
41 Rhea Giannotti RheaG 1,081,991
42 David Grice DaveG 1,067,167
43 Heidi Howard Heidihoward75 1,056,856
44 Pam Spencer Freekpjs 1,055,352
45 Robert Ryan kd8cbv 1,053,156
46 Kelly Paxton kellmcd29 1,051,631
47 David Pace JDavid 1,044,617
48 Alice Deane u2ecila 1,031,839
49 David Sifre David Sifre 1,030,096
50 Sherry Phoenix Vibrant1 1,021,716
51 Martha Hill MMnnMM 1,020,614
52 Shelley Holt FitShell 1,017,012
53 Desiree Dudley DesireeD 1,013,949
54 Amanda Howell allst896 1,013,427
55 Ikumi Mizuta ikumi 1,012,190
56 Martin Polack logotype702 1,011,920
57 Karen Hudson KarenH 1,006,971
58 Kelly White kellywhite72 1,005,832
59 Maria Galloway mariag 1,004,920
60 Cindy Griswold making changes 1,004,143
61 Dawn Williams bbubblyb 1,004,069
62 Nichole Chase Nicolleen 1,003,071
63 Linda Jarrell lkjer2911 1,002,656
64 Lisa Meeks MyTime2Shine 1,002,075
65 Wendy Thomas rowan222 1,001,785
66 Leanne Williams Leanne55 1,000,349
67 Stephanie Sides Sks4mgs 1,000,263
68 Jennifer Hamilton princess23 1,000,029
69 Heather Sprague hasprague 1,000,026

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If your name was inadvertently omitted, or if you notice a step or spelling error, please contact an inner circle admin [forumadmin2] and we will make the appropriate changes immediately. Thank you for assistance!

Copyright Burn The Fat Inner Circle. No reproduction permitted.

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