Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: Love Your Body Challenge FINISHERS!
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Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: Love Your Body Challenge FINISHERS!

Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: Love Your Body Challenge FINISHERS!

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All persons below signed up for - and finished - this inaugural, points-based 49-Day Challenge.

This new challenge was implemented to help recognize, motivate and thank our paid members for their loyalty and support of one another. And if you were shy about joining past challenges because you were apprehensive about posting revealing photos of yourself, before and after pictures were only an option for the Love Your Body Challenge.

Pictured here are Selina Hoit, Danny Rogers and Dawn Williams who placed first, second and third in the challenge respectively.

Of the 103 finishers who began their transformations on or around Valentine's Day, 21 people scored the maximum number of points (302). To distinguish those finishers from the rest of the group, we have placed a "cross" designator next to their names. Congratulations to all!

Abel, Jess (Jessman)

Adams, Kim (kimadams)

†Adriaansen, Eric (Rezinator)

Albjerg, Les (GreatDane)

Alfredo, Jose (josealfredo2025)

Allen, Rachel (rachemaykkkk)

Alton, Beverly (Pookha)

Ammirati, Estrellita (LessEs)

Bajjada, Jodie (jbajjada)

Barber, Lesley (Doken628)

Barrie, John (Glesga65)

Bilodeau, Barbara (nvrgvup)

Brown, Anna (chalice1)

Buffington, Ginger (GingB)

†Casell, Julia (Vivacegirl)

Chabot, Marc (marcchabot)

Chase, Nichole (Nicolleen)

Chinpaisan, Sarawut (schinpaisan)

Clyne, Dee (burnitup)

†Conte, Massimiliano (Maxi)

†Cresher, Valerie (vchesher)

†Crotty, Karen (Dacia)

Dahlgren, Dawn (DDahlgren)

Debska, Ewa (ewersin)

†Deegan, John (islandjohn)

Dewhurst, Sherry (iwldoths13)

Dickinson, Bridgett (Bridgett)

Dubay, Jeremy (JeremyD)

Eaglehouse, Patti (patti10)

Eaklor, Kevin (Kevin E)

Ehrlich, Jennifer (jettafer79)

Farley, Brenda (harley1)

†Feyh, Jay (jlf22)

Fig Head, Debora Ann (jdi58)

†Flaherty, Shaun ($haunyboy)

Ford, Terry (designfitness)

Frick, Douglas (Otter_)

†Funni, Brandy (Brandy7)

Galloway, Maria (mariag)

Garriga-Haywood, Darren(darrengh)

Giancola, Mary-Anne (maggia64)

Gibson, Sharon (sgibson75)

Ginsberg, Caryn (sunsparkler )

Grant, Kathy (mamacat)

Graves, Tristann (kb7vbz)

Greenfield, Esther (esteri)

†H, Selina (selinaH)

Hamilton, Jennifer (princess23)

†Hayden, Stacey (justac)

Helfman, Amy (NYCgrrl)

Hewitson, Don (Hewey)

Hier, Sandee (Sandee)

Hume, Kari (Karijh)

Jantz, Lana (i24him)

Jarrell, Linda (lkjer2911)

Johnson, Nanci (luv2lift)

Jones, Randy (Cookybaby)

Kijesky, Brenda (bkijesky)

Kinzer, Karen (kari033)

Kosha, Christina (Autumn)

Lara, Evelina (EveLara)

†Leach, Ruth (ruthalicious)

Lee, Lisa (sesamom)

Mackenzie, MaryAnne (mam)

†Madrone, Heather (Heather Madrone)

Mannella, Rocco (Rocco)

Marysia (Marysia)

†Masse, Mike (greysonfauchard)

Mazurek, Debbie (devmaz69)

McArthur, Debra (DebraMcA)

Michelle, Mathews (mlm)

Miyazaki, Delaina (Delaina)

†Mizuta, Ikumi (Ikumi)

Munoz, Priscilla (Pri Scilla)

Murdoch, Susan (smurd)

Nelson, Tim (TimN)

Nickerson, Tammy (irontam)

†O'Hearn, Tim (ticaroh)

†Palmer, Jerry (BigJer)

Petro, Felicia (lishalou67)

Provance, Darlene (darl1958)

†Pullen, Lori (Lori Pullen)

Racicot, Bev (bcan)

†Rogers, Danny (Danny Downunder)

Rogers, Heather (hlhrogers)

†Rosser, Christopher (crosser_1978)

Rushworth, Chris (platydoras)

Shorter, Sherri (Reset)

Siegel, Theresa (kc9agz)

Sinha, Rileen (Optimistix)

Soral, Delphine (deldeedub)

Soto, Cecy (otos)

Stalder, Kimberly (Vixenkim)

Stent, Johnny (Johnny)

Thomet, Celine (Celine1312)

Titensor, Dave (davetitensor)

Valerio, Angelany (anvaler)

Volhoffer, Gary (GaryV)

Wedel, Deborah (AEDeb)

Wellens, Ken (Ken_W)

White, Kelly (kellywhite72)

Wicks, Kevin (kcwicks)

Wilkes, Will (wilkes)

†Williams, Dawn (bbubblyb)

To discuss this in the Inner Circle forumsclick here

ATTENTION CHALLENGE FINISHERS: If you finished this challenge and do not see yourself on this list, please contact us immediately and we will add your name and face asap at your request. If you finished this challenge and your name is on this list and you would prefer to be listed semi-anonymously (for example, screen name only or first name and last initial), contact us and we will update your listing for you. Kind regards, ForumAdmin

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