Burn the Fat Hall of Fame - Season 10 Finishers! (A to K)
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Burn the Fat Hall of Fame - Season 10 Finishers! (A to K)

Burn the Fat Hall of Fame - Season 10 Finishers! (A to K)

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The 10th season of the most exciting before and after body transformation contest on the Internet - The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Challenge - has come to a close and it's time to recognize our winners.

Since our inaugural event years ago, the popularity of the challenge has grown to an average of 1000 contestants entering our holiday or 49-day events and as many as 2000 or more entering our summer or 98-day Big Burn events.

It's not called a "challenge" for nothing though - because typically 75% to 85% or those who enter the long 98-day events do not finish. It's a gigantic achievement to make it through three and a half months of burning and building, with the level of dedication and accountability required. That is why we consider all the finishers winners and all the finishers are being recognized for their achievements by being immortalized in the Burn the Fat Hall of fame...

We are now pleased to induct 144 more people into the Hall of Fame. Half of them are men, half women. This motivated group of achievers lost an average of 12.1 pounds each and reported an average reduction in body fat of 6.9%. The biggest drop was 47 pounds in 98 days - nearly all of it pure fat. Many of the top 10 finalists burned upwards of 30-35 pounds each, many while gaining muscle at the same time.

Congratulations to all!

Burn the Fat Challenge SEASON 10 Finishers (A-J)

Eric Adriaansen  (Rezinator)

Artie Albernaz  (artiewylde)

Rachel Allen  (rachemaykkkkk)

Beverly Alton  (Pookha)

Brett A  (bretta)

Stephanie Arcangelo  (stephaniemarie)

Randy Arnold  (RanzFormation)

Rachel Baker  (Rach877)

Lesley Barber  (Doken628)

Johnathan Barkich  (jonb23)

Olivia Beck  (livy2022)

Bob Beckemeyer  (spartybob)

Christiaan Beekhuis  (cwbeekhuis)

Darrel Birkett  (JawD)

Anna Botelho  (annabee)

Betsy Bowers  (Petrotiger)

Brett Brewin  (DocBB1973)

Ginger Buffington  (GingB)

Matt Buffington  (MattAB)

Bob Bullard  (BobBullard)

Cynthia Callahan  (CinCal)

Barbara Carbaugh  (barbcarb)

Justin Cataldo  (justin)

Jenn Champion-Cope  (PowerJenn)

Nichole Chase  (Nicolleen)

Ana Chopelas  (Ana)

Abraham Cohn  (newhabits)

Mark Collett  (turtleclimber)

Larry Conner  (vtlarry90)

Raphael Correia  (Mr Courvoisier)

Pam Cramer  (pcramer)

John Crosby  (yodacroz)

Ana Cruz  (doris)

Brad Davis  (bradleynsu)

Dawn Davis  (Dawn5th)

Scott DeBoer  (scodeb444)

Lina Dokouzova  (Eff)

Andrew Doucette  (work4results)

Kevin Eaklor  (Kevin E)

Melisa Edwards  (Missy0310)

Jennifer Ehrlich  (jettafer79)

Kimberly Evans  (blondestar)

Shaun Flaherty  (ShaunF)

Tim Flores  (Guster)

Kate Follis  (queenk8)

Josh Fourdyce  (Dyce5296)

Brandy Funni  (Brandy7)

Maria Galloway  (mariag)

Javier Garcia  (jvrgrc)

Rhea Giannotti  (RheaG)

Jose Godinez  (pepe21)

Rick Gregory  (rikory)

Gary Hall  (gjhall23)

Jennifer Hamilton  (princess23)

Eric Heinrich  (erich)

Matt Hoit  (mch)

Lianne Holloway  (Lianne)

Dodge Howell  (DodgeHowell)

Karen Hudson  (karenh)

Sam Jackson  (samjack)

Linda Jarrell  (lkjer2911)

Caroline Johnson  (Care)

Nate Johnson  (Nate Johnson)

Erica S Kane  (eschulma)

Kent Keller  (K2)

Nick Kettinger  (NickyJ51)

Doug Kleppin  (dkleppin)

Kelly Kleppin  (kellywhite72)

Andre Kleynhans  (Bloubul5)

Dana Kosmark  (danathek)

Larysa Kowalenko  (rockscool)

Bill Kremnitzer  (Bill K)

Diederik Kroese  (dkroese)

Kari Kruger  (karikruger)

Holly Kwiatkowski  (AiyannaNova)

Continued on page 2 (L to Z)

ATTENTION CHALLENGE FINISHERS: If you finished this challenge and do not see yourself on this list, please contact us immediately and we will add your name and face at your request. If your name is on this list and you would prefer to be listed semi-anonymously (for example, screen name only or first name and last initial), contact us and we will update your listing for you. Kind regards, Admin.

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