Burn the Fat 2012 Summer Challenge 98-Day Body Transformation Contest: Flash Report
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Burn the Fat 2012 Summer Challenge 98-Day Body Transformation Contest: Flash Report

Burn the Fat 2012 Summer Challenge 98-Day Body Transformation Contest: Flash Report

By Tom Venuto & The Burn The Fat Team
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The most spectacular body transformation contest on the Internet is held right here in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle website twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer...

It's the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Body Transformation Challenge!

Sponsored by Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - the official fat burning system of the Burn the Fat challenge - the winter event runs for 49 days across all three major holidays - Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's.

The summer event runs 98 days over the entire summer (Starts in Late May and runs through all of June, July and August). That's why we call it the BIG BURN.

In the week ahead, you will be seeing complete reports of each winner and finalist. Today we are pleased to post this FLASH REPORT of our newest field of winners.

Overall Men's Champion: Casey Richardson ("CaseyR" on the forums)

To visit Casey's challenge journal, CLICK HERE (members only)

Overall Women's Champion: Christina Kosha ("Autumn" on the forums)

To visit Christina's challenge journal, CLICK HERE (members only)

Complete Winner's List (Flash Report!)

Top 3 Women

Christina Kosha (Autumn)

Olivia Violet Robinson (OliviaVioletRobinson)

Nikki Tuazon-Hodges (Nikita651)

Finalists (Top 10) Women

Alice Deane (u2ecila)

Anna Weber (LittlePineapple)

Loraine Mctaggart (lorainemctaggart)

Michelle Wood (Portia)

Jessica Shincovich (pearliewhirl)

Jackie Hutchinson (JackieHutch)

Patty Peshek (seaside)

Top 3 Men

Casey Richardson (Caseyr)

Tim Amyett (Tamyett)

Paul Brown (brownbears)

Finalists (Top 10) Men

Kenneth Cotter (kenc45)

David Todd (djtodd)

LJ Walker (walkerl60)

Chris Hayden (wheresmyabs)

Brett A. (bretta)

Darren McAllan (dazza101)

Paul Benson (pben47)

If you're a current Inner Circle member, please be sure to visit our winner's and finalist's threads, wish them a warm congratulations and tell them what you think!

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CLICK HERE to join the inner circle today

YOU? The Next Body Transformation
Success Story?

Yes - YOU could be the next Burn the Fat Challenge Champion. If you follow the same success strategies that our Burn the fat champions did....

Each of our champions had their own unique approach, but there are 5 success strategies they ALL had in common, and we can give you 4 of them!

1. Proven Program. All of our champions used Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - most importantly, they were using strategies for improving body composition - that means fat loss, not just weight loss.

2. Positive Association/ Support. All of our champions participated in a support forum using the power of association with like minded people

3. Accountability System. All of our champions used an accountability system - "keeping score" by tracking results weekly, and posting the results for others to see

4. Rewards/External Motivation. All of our champions achieved their transformation during one of our official Burn the Fat body transformation challenge competitions and the prizes/rewards were pretty "juicy."

And What's Number 5?

5. Hard Work. All of our champions worked their butts off. No "magic pills" here. As Thomas Edison once said, "There is no substitute for hard work." None.

If you will provide the hard work, we'll provide the rest. If you're not a current member of the Inner Circle family yet, we invite you to become a part of our growing community.

Click on the links below to learn more about Inner Circle membership... and we look forward to meeting you on the members-only forums... and seeing you at the next Burn The Fat Challenge!

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CLICK HERE for BURN THE FAT, FEED THE MUSCLE - The official program of the Burn The Fat Challenge

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