Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: The 2012 Summer Challenge FINISHERS! (L-Z)
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Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: The 2012 Summer Challenge FINISHERS! (L-Z)

Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: The 2012 Summer Challenge FINISHERS! (L-Z)

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Since 2009, two times per year, we organize and host the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Challenge - a "before and after" body transformation contest held once in the winter and once in the summer. Since our inaugural contest, the popularity of the challenge has exploded and we've had as many as 2,200 people enter a single challenge. It's not called a "challenge" for nothing though - because typically 75% to 85% do not finish. That is why we consider all finishers as winners. These are the top achievers - the best of the burners. And now, the latest group of finishers - for the Summer of 2012 - shall have their achievement immortalized in the Burn the Fat Hall of fame...

2012 Summer Challenge Finishers (L-Z)

Jay Larsen(larhar)

Ruth Leach(ruthalicious)

Lisa Lee(sesamom)

Karen Lemburg(kdlfit)

James Lemon(jamesm)

Chris Lewis(Wolfhound427)

Deborah Libertore(DebbyV)

Daniel Linz(danomite)

Gail Lippmann(Peony)

Gary Lippmann(Broadcaster)

Jerrod Looney(aNTok)

Krista Lorenzo(kristalorenzo)

MaryAnne Mackenzie(mam)

Piero Maina(allenby)

Shyam Manandhar(skmanandhar)

Laurie Marbas(Laurie)

Ginger Matheson(randallginger)

James Mauck(James Stewart)

Darren McAllan(dazza101)

Cheryl McCabe(runningrrrl)

Will McCabe(william81477)

Whitnee McCollam(lilcoco24)

Jennifer McCord(Jenny09)

Jessica McCreary(JesRox222)

Tammy McDermott(Tammy)

Loraine McTaggart(lorainemctaggart)

Lisa Meeks(MyTime2Shine)

Denita Miller(dlm6860)

Karon Miller(Nevtaliel)

Lauren Miller(lauren0711)

Randal Evan Miller(Omodan)

Iku Mizuta(ikumi)

Stuart Moore(StuM)

Lall Moosaye(Lall)

Paul Morgan(pkmorgan68)

Mirko Munetic(Machinist)

Rich Murphy(mrf123)

Tom Murray(twaintwist)

Caroline Nash(caroline_nash)

Tim Nelson(TimN)

Mila N.(Trinketson)

Marty B Nyswonger(mnyswonger)

Lillian Obucina(doreo2689)

Tim O'Hearn(ticaroh)

Chantal Orgeas(burnbaby)

David O'Sullivan(Dave-Osullivan)

Jim Paget(belial9)

Nikki Parle(LevinaParle)

Victoria Pena(vpena11)

Lyle Peshek(LyleP)

Patty Peshek(seaside)

Martin E Polack(logotype702)

Sam Price(The_CEO)

Yvette Price(pianoyvette)

Darlene Provance(darl1958)

Kelli Provost(kprovost)

Carl Radley(Time2Shine)

Deborah Reed(DeborahR)

Jeremy Scott Reed(neoflage1)

Casey Richardson(CaseyR)

Olivia Violet Robinson(OliviaVioletRobinson)

Steven Robinson(stever-7)

Katherine Rodrigues(emeraldkat)

Marianne Romano(MARO)

Dianne Rose(HopeArose)

John Rose(rosejohnrose)

Christopher Rushworth(platydoras)

Bonnie Ryan(blondie)

Debby Sailor(saltysailor)

Sandra Salstrom(ssalstrom)

Sally Sanders(sallyjocmt)

Stephanie Santorico(livs4playtime)

Mark Sawyer(mdsawyermd)

Peggy Sherris(pherris)

Robert Sherris(creteman1)

Jessica Shincovich(pearliewhirl)

Theresa Siegel(kc9agz)

Michelle Sierra(msierra)

Nieves Sierra(oolybooly)

Colleen Sifre(Colleen Sifre)

David Sifre(David Sifre)

Harpreet Singh(Harry32)

Justine Emily Sipos(Justine Sipos)

Ken Slater(machaman)

Julie Slowiak(Jules3011)

Darcy Small(agr8lyfe)

Princess Small(jejuhime)

Jaylen Smith(jaylens)

Dave Spivak(DaveS)

John Stent(Johnny)

Ross Stockwell(Ross Stockwell)

Gina Stubbs(Bellaluna)

Jerry Tanczos(jjt)

Wendy Thomas(rowan222)

Celine Thomet(celine1312)

Liz Thompson(mnk12911)

Paul Thompson(pethompson)

Larry Thornton(LT58)

David Todd(djtodd)

Dawn Tonneman(Tonnie)

Arnold Torres(1474Press)

Matt Tucker(sgtrutters)

Therese Unger(taunger)

Carol VanKampen(carolvk)

Guruprasad Venkatakrishnan(Gpsir)

Sherilyn Vineyard(sherilynpage)

Jana Visnovska(visnovj)

Gary Volhoffer(GaryV)

L J Walker(walkerl60)

Rachel Walker(walkrm)

Sandra Walker(SWinWa)

Jacquelynn Waterman(jacquelynn)

David Webb(D4webb)

Anna Weber(LittlePineapple)

Deborah Wedel(AEDeb)

Ken Wellens(Ken_W)

Tamica Wellington(tamicathegreat)

Aimee Welton(aimeew)

Kris West(GYM PIXIE)

Tracey Whitaker(woogy)

Kelly White(kellywhite72)

Russell Whitesel(RWhitesel)

Randall Wilkinson(treetech2)

Shari Wilkinson(treetech)

Katherine Wilson(MissKitty)

Denise Wise(Denise3)

Michelle Wood(Portia)

Joe Wright(garthdds)

Walter Yorgason(walt_fat_biker)

Go back to page one (A to K)

ATTENTION CHALLENGE FINISHERS: If you finished this challenge and do not see yourself on this list, please contact us immediately and we will add your name and face asap at your request. If you finished this challenge and your name is on this list and you would prefer to be listed semi-anonymously (for example, screen name only or first name and last initial), contact us and we will update your listing for you. Kind regards, ForumAdmin

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