A Figure Athlete Body in 98 Days: Olivia’s Amazing Transformation Journey
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A Figure Athlete Body in 98 Days: Olivia's Amazing Transformation Journey

A Figure Athlete Body in 98 Days: Olivia's Amazing Transformation Journey

By Olivia Violet Robinson
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In only 98 days, during the Burn the Fat Body Transformation Challenge contest, Olivia Violet Robinson burned 31 pounds of fat while completely re-shaping her body.

Nearly everyone who saw her amazing before and after photos said the same thing (after picking their jaws up off the floor)...

"She has the body of a figure athlete now! She could step on stage or in front of a fitness magazine photographer's camera and she would be right at home!"

As far as we know, Olivia's motivation wasn't the competition stage (although we think she could be a fitness or figure star if she ever wanted to), but she definitely had strong motivations and the mindset of a champion.

Shortly after her 98 day challenge was complete and she had won the 1st runner up award in the overall women's division, we caught up with Olivia and asked her the following questions:

"When you think back to the 98-day Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle body transformation challenge, what were the most effective strategies you used that helped you get such amazing results, in all these areas: 1. Mindset and motivation, 2. Nutrition/ Food, 3. Training, and 4. any other tips or advice you'd like to share.


Hi Tom and everyone! This journey has been to date one of the best and most challenging experiences of my life. I am a changed woman and a better person for the experience, so I am grateful for the opportunity and happy to share my strategies for mindset, nutrition and training.

1. Mindset/Motivation

I entered this competition with the goal to get myself in the best possible shape of my life. With the desire to start a family next year, I wanted to be in the best place I could be; the healthiest and happiest in mind, body and spirit. This was my motivation.

I am a shy person by nature and I knew I would have to get over some really deep self confidence issues and let the whole world see what I kept hidden under layers of clothing for many years. Reality really did hit home when I uploaded my before pictures, and then it became official. Not only did I make a huge commitment to myself, I made a huge commitment in front of an online community of strangers whilst standing in my "underwear." But I did it!

Once I did, there was no turning back and giving up was NOT an option. It was only onward and upward from there. And there was no hiding from myself every time I logged into my thread - sometimes the physical reminder was all I needed to see to keep the fire burning.

I believe MINDSET IS EVERYTHING! There is no point in having a goal if you don't have the conviction and will power to see it through to the end (and beyond...)

I read Tom's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) book a few times before I started the challenge and a light turned on in my head - I mean WOW! Finally someone wasn't just telling me WHAT to do, they were explaining WHY and in great detail - including the goal setting and motivation side of it. It is one of the most amazing books I have ever read and it's completely fail-proof (if you give 100% - you alone are accountable for the effort you put in) I had absolutely no doubt it was going to help me succeed. Everything made sense. I finally got answers to many of the questions and curiosities I had pondered in the past. I was excited. It was a good feeling. It gave me confidence; I was totally inspired and ready to work hard. I made notes, highlighted sections and continued reading it throughout the challenge.

I also bought a special journal, and in it I wrote my goals, my affirmations and my feelings. I gave my goals weight. I gave them power. They became my morning mantra and my evening prayer. They were just as important to me as breathing. My journal also contained my workouts, notes, pictures and thoughts - it was my bible. It came with me to every single training session and when I got home it lived right next to the bed within arms reach before I got up every morning to do it all over again.

This competition became a huge part of my world. But I didn't use the word "competition" very often to describe what I was doing. I described it more as a "journey" and I was on the road progressing towards a healthier, happier me.

Write down your goals. Be very detailed and specific about want you want to achieve. Put them on the wall. Keep them in a book. Read them morning and night. Decorate your fridge, have an inspiration wall. Put inspirational quotes and reminders everywhere at work at home in the car. Whatever it takes.

Make the challenge a priority, a part of your normal everyday life just like sleeping or brushing your teeth is. Nothing was going to compromise my journey. I was worth it. I deserved it!

Believe in yourself. Surround yourself with people that are positive, encouraging and uplifting. Love yourself enough to give your body what it deserves

2. Nutrition

Before starting the competition, I discovered I was lactose intolerant, allergic to some foods, and that my digestive system was having real trouble processing a lot of the foods I was eating. I worked with a nutritionist to help me get my gut health up to scratch, and for me that meant eating gluten-free, dairy-free, wheat-free and sugar free. As soon as I woke every morning I drank a glass of water with half a lemon. I used L-Glutamine daily for muscle recovery. I didn't use protein powder and the only supplements I took daily were an Ethical Nutrients Super Multi Plus Vitamin and an Inner Health Plus Tablet (for gi health).

I ate 6 times per day starting with 4 whole eggs with spinach for breakfast (I got a lot of my energy from the natural fats) I ate every 3 hours there after. The foods I ate were A-Grade quality, free range and organic. I ate steamed chicken breast, red meat once every two weeks, green veggies, whole eggs, raw almonds, organic whole peanut butter, kumara and pumpkin. Everything was weighed and adjusted accordingly at the end of each week.

3. Training

I trained hard and efficiently. It was important to make every training session count, whether I trained early morning or late in the evening I made sure my time wasn't wasted. When I'm at the gym, I don't muck around - I get right down to business. I did whatever needed to be done, no cell phones, no idle chit chat, no long rests, no distractions. I aimed to do a little better than the day before, always striving to beat my personal best.

I cannot stress enough how important music was to my journey especially when I was at the gym or running outside. I love music. Iit makes me happy and it made the challenge that much better. I could switch off the outside world, eliminate distraction, free myself and focus within, giving each body part my full attention.

Fat loss was the primary aim, so I was in calorie deficit most of the time. When I finished work, I tried to rest as much as possible and conserve my energy so I could do a really good weights session as well. For weight training, I used a 4 Day Split throughout the duration of the competition, which I really enjoyed.

When I could, I trained with my husband Nikora, and it seriously took my training to a whole other level! Sometimes he would put weight on a bar and say, "Do this!" I would always say, "No way, I'm not strong enough yet." But Nikora always believed in my ability and he'd say, "Just give it a go; don't worry, I'm here," and I tell you, every time he surprised me with these mini challenges during a workout, I was shocked by my ability and strength and he would say, "See, you did it!" We didn't always train together, but it was so helpful - especially in the last 5 weeks.

For those who find it hard to believe the fat loss results... it's also important to know my day job is very physical - I am a postal delivery worker for NZ Post. I carry a lot of mail and I walk some big distances 6 days per week. I was easily burning 1500+ calories per day just by doing my job alone, so it played a huge part in my dramatic results.

4. Final Thoughts / Other Tips

Every great accomplishment I have ever achieved in my life never came easy to me! I worked hard for every single one. I knew the challenge would be hard work too, but I was ready for it.

I told my friends and family about the competition and asked for their support and encouragement. I declared my entry on facebook and often shared my workout each day, which also added to the pressure of having to fulfill the promise I made to myself. It was great because the interest I created made me want it more and more. I always believed I would make it through the challenge. It wasn't a question of finishing, it was really a question of how much I could achieve in the 98 day time frame. And you can achieve a little or a lot - it's up to you.

Everyone is different. Our lives are different and our bodies are different, so at no point did I ever compare myself to any other person in this competition, you just can't. The only person I would challenge was ME! I pushed myself, but I was happy to, because the stronger I became, the more I was able to achieve. You can definitely achieve amazing results in 98 days, you just have to ask yourself, "How bad do you want it?" well, I wanted it, so I gave it everything.

Read Toms Burn the Fat e-book - it will change your life. Have a powerful goal. Get the "holy trinity" right - cardio + weights + nutrition - and just do it. Put one foot in front of the other and move. Keep the fire burning never give up and my friend you WILL succeed.

It's a tough and critical world out there, so to all the non-believers thinking there's no way I could have achieved this in only 98 Days from where I started - first, I'll take the skepticism as a total compliment, and second, I can proudly say, "Oh yes I did!" I can also say, I wasn't alone in my journey. Everyone who completed this summer challenge made phenomenal transformations and we are all winners.

- Olivia Violet Robinson

To visit Olivia's challenge journal ("Journey To The Best Version of Me"), CLICK HERE (members only)

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