Here’s What Our Members Are Saying...
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Here's What Our Members Are Saying...

""I'll be at the Inner Circle forever. I dont think I'm every going away again. When I am there, I always feel really good, on top of the world. The people are so kind and helpful. I'm so very grateful to Tom Venuto and the whole family here in the Burn the Fat Inner Circle. This really has changed my life."

- Dawn Williams
Love Your Body Challenge Finalist
Lost 200 lbs

"Tom Venuto is a credible, qualified professional who knows his stuff. More than that, he has a genuine concern for the people he's helping. His "Inner Circle" is a premier quality resource - well worth the money, and a benefit to anyone, anywhere, of any age who is trying to lose weight. I highly recommend it!"

- Paul Crane,

"Why pay for a subscription to a health and fitness website when there are many sites that are free? I had to ask myself that question before joining the Burn the Fat Inner Circle.

Why? Because....

The information is accurate, clear and concise. There are so many websites that promote quite a bit of hearsay passed down from amateur to amateur. This information can be erroneous or at best misguided or so voluminous that the sheer amount of knowledge is confusing and overwhelming that one does not know how to begin.

Time is valuable. I wasted quite a bit of time as a beginner bodybuilder shifting through the information on the web before I joined the Burn the Fat Inner Circle. They give you the 1 - 2 - 3 steps to begin and succeed safely and effectively.

There is no doubt in my mind that the information on this site is proven scientifically to work. I am a testament to it when I follow the advice with any amount of consistency which brings me up to the next benefit of joining the Burn the Fat Inner Circle...

It gave me a group of dedicated men and women who hold me accountable to my fitness goals and provides me with tools to succeed such as nutrition education, the fat/protein/carb in foods reference, the spread sheet for daily food intake, the recipes and ebooks on the science of bodybuilding and fat loss, the how-to's of successful weight loss to help you stay consistent in your training to succeed with your individual program.

As an older woman, I appreciate the information about weight loss and training after 40. When the urge to give up or quit looms over me, I will come to the site and review the progress I've made and listen to encouraging words to motivate me to continue.

Best of all reasons: It is like having a personal trainer 24 hours a day.

I look forward to the new features Burn the Fat will have to help me continue my training and weight loss to have a healthier fit life style.

-Peggy Richard

"I just listened to the first "Burn the Fat Show" and this one 20-minute message is at the top of my list. I have motivational CD's and books coming out the wazoo and you've set a standard in your show that I look forward to listening to again and again. Keep up the GREAT work!"."

- Steve Wiebusch

"One day, while I was looking through a pack of photos, I came across a picture of me… and I barely recognized myself! At 5' 1", and150 pounds I had to face the fact that I was Forty and Fat. I had no idea that I had "let myself go" so much. So I decided to make some changes. Somehow, I happened upon Burn The Fat and ordered. It was the best money I ever spent. Today, I am 106 pounds, and I wear a size 0 (zero!)I am a personal trainer helping other women achieve their goals. I am a mom that can keep up with my kids. My self-confidence has soared. I actually decided to compete in two figure competitions this year - something I never would have dreamed possible before!


- Aida Miodus

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"I have many people everyday ask me what my secret is and how I lost 137 pounds. I tell them the same thing - I use Tom Venuto's Burn The Fat - Feed The Muscle program and it all boils down to "How bad do you want it?"

- Mike Ogorek

"The support here is incredible for my morale. I'm excited about the inches I've lost. In the past when I'd get halfway there, I'd lose motivation and quit. I've never made it this far and still felt motivated to keep going. "

- Rikki Fougere

"I've been following the Burn The Fat recommendations and I now fit into a pair of jeans that I havent worn in a long time. The Salvation Army must love me these days, as I've liberated 12 clothes hangers and two shelves of oversized clothes since New Years!"

- Sarah Cecile

"I have made significant progress towards getting my body fat down to a competitive level, but for an endomorph its hard. For those who are sharing your experiences on Burn The Fat Inner Circle (BFFM IC), willpower and support are very important to keep yourself on the straight and narrow so keep loggin on to the BFFM IC every time you feel even the slightest bit tempted to gorge on food!

The knowledge of making the healthy lifestyle change outlined in BFFM has been enough for me to know what I should be doing for the rest of my life, but reading other success stories is both informative and inspirational to me and continues to reinforce the fact that the BFFM method works, both in the short term and as a long term lifestyle.

Almost all people I meet find it hard to believe what I and other BFFM IC members like John Bartlett have achieved and some still doubt me until they log into the BFFM IC and they see my success story interview. Once they believe, they become interested in how I did it, since almost everyone has a desire to lose a few pounds!

Of course my first recommendation would be to purchase the BFFM book, but since the book knowledge is sometimes not enough, the BFFM IC is a great resource of tools, interactive support and knowledge that can't be found in BFFM and is unobtainable almost anywhere else through any means.

-Stuart Darling, Burn The Fat Inner Circle member

"The Burn the Fat Inner Circle has literally changed my life. Tom Venuto 's Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle program gave me the power to save my life and get almost 130 pounds leaner and I could not have been as successful without a titanium strength support system.

It's true that I began developing my own social support network even before I joined the inner circle, which consisted of a few selected friends and a family member. But I also found an entirely different kind of support network at the Inner Circle. I believe both are vital to success and the support network in the Inner Circle surpasses any that I could try to create on my own.

One thing my friend and family could never know first hand, however, is what it's like to burn a significant amount of fat. They've always been fit and sometimes they just never understood what it was like to have the type of uncontrollable cravings that wake you up in the middle of the night. They have never had to calculate their calories or figure out what protein, carb and fat ratios work best for their body. They could offer no advice in this area.

That's how the Inner Circle is so different. THIS community of people has been there, or is there , now, doing that! There is such a wide variety of people in here. Some people are just starting out. Some people have been on the journey for months already and have a wealth of the experience that others can draw on. Some people in the Inner Circle are fitness professionals and can explain the science behind how our bodies respond to nutrition and exercise.

But probably the most amazing thing about the people in the Inner Circle, to me, is the fact that I have never experienced anyone being judgmental, condescending or even impolite. My experience of most people from school athletics and fitness centers is one of discourtesy to me when I was fat. That led me to create an equally discourteous stereotype of fitness professionals and held me back from seeking their advice. My experience of getting to know people in the Inner Circle has shattered that stereotype. This community's standards are just that high.

The people in the Inner Circle community genuinely care about each other. It's not uncommon for people to remind someone to update their progress journal and ask where they've been if they miss a week or two. It's also great because chances are, that if you're having a tough time, someone there has gone through a similar situation and can tell you what has worked for them. One can be assured that an opportunity to help someone else will also present itself.

There are also great resources there as well: Fantastic recipes, motivational stories -- both written and in audio, professional articles, tools for setting and meeting goals and working through fear. Most of all, there are very inspirational people there. One of my friends has burned almost 220 pounds from his body. His story amazes and inspires me, I've placed his interview on my iPOD and listen to it every month or so.

There have been times when I've been moved to tears because someone finally found a way to burn fat and take back control over their body after a lifetime of searching and giving up on themselves. There have been times when I've laughed out loud because someone was describing how bad a workout can go if they don't eat before hand. There have been times when someone's discovery of their collarbone has reminded me of a similar discovery in my own journey, when I saw a muscle emerge for the first time, and I know how happy they are, and I can truly celebrate with them.

I know the Inner Circle can help you find what will work for you. You too will be accepted for who you are and given the respect and dignity you deserve simply for the fact that you are a human person. The mistakes you have made in the past are not as significant as the commitment you make to yourself to take back control over your body. You can have that control -- do not settle for anything less. Right now, you have the power within you to change your body. A support community can help you to find it. That support will help you hold yourself accountable to you. Find some friends to support you. As long as I'm in the Inner Circle , you can count me to be among them. It will be a true honor to share your journey."

-Rob Kottenbrock
100 Pound Club Moderator
Burn The Fat Inner Circle

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