Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: The 2013 Summer Challenge FINISHERS! (K-Z)
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Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: 
The 2013 Summer Challenge FINISHERS! (K-Z)

Burn The Fat Hall of Fame: The 2013 Summer Challenge FINISHERS! (K-Z)

Tom Venuto and the Burn the Fat Team
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Here's the second half of the amazing Burn the Fat challenge finishers, aged 20-something to 70-something, who have transformed their bodies and their lives. Congratulations everyone!

2013 Summer Challenge Finishers (K-Z)

Stacey Kardash  (staceyk)

Nick Keeling  (musteredcourage)

Bonnie Kemph  (Bonns)

Tim Kenyon  (timk56)

Josh Ketter  (sangfroid)

Doug Kleppin  (Dkleppin)

Vikas Kolte  (sakiv)

Ann Kons  (leeloowawa)

Christina Kosha  (Autumn)

Larysa Kowalenko  (rockscool)

Diederik Kroese  (dkroese)

Lisa Kuechler  (classictall)

Ruth Leach  (ruthalicious)

Amy Leaf  (Leafittome)

Stanton LeFort  (Stanoslav)

James Lemon  (jamesm)

Ivy Liu  (ivyliu)

Jerrod Looney  (antok)

Krista Lorenzo  (kristalorenzo)

Paige Lovitt  (PaigeL)

Dougal Macdonald  (dougal macdonald)

MaryAnne Mackenzie  (mam)

Piero Maina  (allenby)

Michael Malone  (LeanBody7)

Rocco Mannella  (Rocco)

Laurie Marbas  (Laurie)

Roberto Martinez  (roberto)

James Mauck  (James Stewart)

David McDuffie  (Grimmjow)

Loraine McTaggart  (l.mctaggart)

Roman Meduna  (Jawaman)

Lisa Meeks  (MyTime2Shine)

Anthony Messina  (ajm9230)

Elaine Misa  (daria1018)

Ikumi Mizuta  (ikumi)

Tristan Moore  (tirimoore)

Dave Mueller  (dmule3)

Priscilla Munoz  (Pri Scilla)

Tim Nelson  (TimN)

Ranner Noot  (Ran65)

Jack Northrup  (Jack)

Janice Nugent  (jannugent)

Sydney Nuttall  (sydnuttall)

Timothy O'Brien  (tobrien1980)

Ed Ogonosky  (edog)

Melissa O'Hea  (aikimoh)

Mark Paesch  (markpaesch)

Mailen Ayelen Palacios  (Ayelen)

Nikki Parle  (levinaparle)

Kelly Paxton  (kellmcd29)

Felicia A Petro  (lishalou67)

Jill K Pironti  (GMa0801)

Martin E Polack  (logotype702)

Carol Por  (carolpor40)

Marta Pszczolinska  (filifionka)

Mark Edward Rathsack  (rathsackm)

Bill Reed  (cwfixr)

Brandy Redder  (queenofking)

Michelle Retra  (michelle243)

Amy Riha  (GirlPurple)

Marie-Lisa Rodriguez  (Marzy)

Greg Rozeboom  (Greg_D_R)

Robert Ryan  (kd8cbv)

Sandra Salstrom  (ssalstrom)

Treena Sanders  (Treena)

Sandra Schmitt  (SandySue)

Nabaht Shafieri  (rouhnaz)

Theresa Siegel  (kc9agz)

Colleen Sifre  (ColleenSifre)

David Sifre  (david sifre)

Harpreet Singh  (harry32)

Dave Spivack  (DaveS)

Lisa Spivey  (lspivey)

Heather Sprague  (hasprague)

Jana Steckman  (Steckmom7)

Jeremiah Steckman  (IronmanJ)

John Stent  (Johnny)

Paola Suarez  (paolasuarez)

Kathleen Summers  (KathleenS)

Kara-Sue Sweeney  (ksweeney73)

Marie Taylor  (CARSADJO3)

Lynda Terry  (lyndadee_2000)

Jean-Charles Tessier  (Echegollen)

Wendy Thomas  (rowan222)

Celine Thomet  (Celine1312)

George Thompson  (gtgt007)

Andrea Treweek  (Conan50)

Troy Trigwell  (troywoodstock)

Adi Vaidya  (anvaidya)

Marcela Wagner  (marcelawagner)

Joanna Wall  (jowall)

Tom Wamback  (TXIII)

Troy Watson  (watbat5)

Deborah Darlene Wedel  (AEDeb)

Ken Wellens  (Ken_W)

Lisa Wellman  (Lisa7691)

Kris West  (GYM PIXIE)

Radley West  (radwest)

Kelly White  (kellywhite72)

Russell Whitesel  (Rwhitesel)

William Wilkes  (wilkes)

Dawn Williams  (bbubblyb)

Laura Williams  (drlauraw)

Dianne Woodworth  (bizidi)

Maggie Wray  (maggiewray)

Jeanette Wright  (TexasNette)

Joe Wright  (garthdds)

Stuart Yang  (stuart83)

Wendy Yee  (wendyyee)

Ron York  (royo)

David Zarzecki  (hexabuzz)

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ATTENTION CHALLENGE FINISHERS: If you finished this challenge and do not see yourself on this list, please contact us immediately and we will add your name and face at your request. If your name is on this list and you would prefer to be listed semi-anonymously (for example, screen name only or first name and last initial), contact us and we will update your listing for you. Kind regards, Admin

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