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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About
Burn The Fat Inner Circle Membership

From : Tom Venuto, Founder, Burn The Fat Inner Circle

So far, more than 39,000 men and women from 155 countries have joined The Inner Circle since the virtual doors opened in 2006. Since then, the Inner Circle website has literally exploded into a thriving online community, which also hosts one of the most popular body transformations on the internet.

But one thing we recently realized was that there were thousands more people who were curious or interested in membership, who had signed up for our announcement list and email tips newsletter, who still hadn't joined yet.

After reading countless subscriber emails, it became clear to us that the reason they hadn't joined yet was because they had a lot of questions that we hadn't answered yet about membership plans, pricing, what's included or whether this membership will really help them get the knowledge, motivation and support they needed and the body they wanted.

Since the Inner Circle opened, Kyle Battis (our site manager) and myself have answered thousands of emails. So Kyle and I went through our mail and pulled out all the most frequently asked questions and we've posted them right here on this page.

If you have a question that's not on this FAQ page, we'll be happy to answer you privately. Just email us at http://www.burnthefatinnercircle.com/public/department6.cfm

Q: I bought the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle book, so why can't I log into the inner circle?

A: The Burn The Fat Inner Circle and the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM) book are sold separately. The Burn the Fat Inner Circle was established to help support readers of the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book, but the Inner Circle is a private subscription-based members-only support community, and purchasing the book doesn't include access to the Inner Circle. Also, the old PDF ebook edition of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle was discontinued and the new edition is now published in hardcover, so again, the book purchase and Inner Circle are separate and not purchased at the same place.

In late 2013, the ebook edition of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle - "The ebook that started it all" - was phased out when the hardcover book rights were acquired by a traditional New York City publisher (Random House Crown/Harmony). As of December 10th, 2013, the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle book is available in bookstores all across the United States, Canada, The United Kingdom and selected other countries, in English. Learn more at www.BurnTheFatFeedTheMuscle.com.

Q: Do I have to own and read your Burn The Fat book to be an Inner Circle member or to get any benefit from being a member?

A: We completely support the BFFM program and we discuss it a lot in the Inner Circle, but our membership is open to anyone on any other healthy eating or exercise program. We don't support or recommend quick fixes or fad diets, but if you're following plans like The Body Fat Solution , Body For Life, Precision Nutrition, a bodybuilding diet, or any other sensible eating plan, you are welcome to join us.

Here's what one of our members, Stuart Darling (who lost 126 pounds), had to say about it:

Of course my first recommendation would be to purchase The BFFM book, but since the book knowledge is sometimes not enough, the Inner circle is a great resource of tools, interactive support and knowledge that can't be found in the BFFM book and is unobtainable almost anywhere else through any means."

If you're using workout programs like Turbulence Training, Afterburn, Power 90, Turbo Jam, Body Pump, Kickboxing, Cross Fit, bodybuilding routines or virtually any other, you are also welcome to join. The nutrition information and the motivation and social support are the most emphasized parts of the Inner Circle so whatever type of workout you prefer, it will only work better when your eating plan is on point and when you're totally motivated and supported by a positive group.

Q: I can get information and articles for free from other websites. Why should I join a member's site to pay for it?

A: Other sites offer free articles, but searching through google results to find quality info is like searching for a needle in a haystack. And there's no way to tell whether random advice on free internet websites is accurate. Everything in the Inner Circle is evidence-based and scientifically-referenced.

Also, almost all the information that you find on the free websites is influenced by advertising or sponsorships, which makes it hard to know whether you can trust the information.

Supplement companies sprinkle their ads throughout their articles and discussion forums and even disguise their ads as editorial designed to sell supplements. Burn The Fat might be the only healthy eating program in the entire world that doesn't have a line of supplements to sell you.

Rather than clutter the site up with advertising, we chose to offer a low monthly membership fee instead, with ZERO advertising and 100% pure content inside the members area. We don't have any affiliation with supplement companies and never will.

Our members are happy about it, too. They tell us over and over again how refreshing it is to finally find an advertisement-free oasis like our site

"Thank you to the whole Burn The Fat Inner Circle team for providing SO much amazing content - free of advertisers/sponsors!! Truly a feat." - Kellie, Inner Circle Member

"If you want to know the truth about rapid fat loss while saving potentially thousands in supplement expenses, then Tom Venuto is your man. Tom pulls no punches in regards to nutrition and supplementation (as he is not owned by any supplement company) and he lays out exactly what it really takes to get in and stay in shape." - Adam Waters, Inner Circle Member

There's also a totally different vibe and a different class of people attracted to a private members-only site. It's a positive and supportive energy in our discussion forums because of the members-only aspect. On most public forums you often feel a negative vibe that's not supportive, not to mention all the ads and spam posts.

Q: Tom, are you going to be answering all the fitness questions you are asked on your forum? If so, that would great - that would definitely worth joining for that alone.

A: Yes I'll be answering questions! But, I can't give a guarantee that I will answer 100% of them 100% of the time as part of membership, very simply because I may not always have time. If I promise unlimited access to ask me questions with guaranteed answers, then in the future when we have thousands more members, I'm concerned that I won't be able to keep up with answering them all, so I'd rather under-promise now and over-deliver than the reverse. With that said, I will be on the discussion forums almost every day, looking to answer every question I can. If you post the question to my attention ("question for Tom") I look for and answer those first.

Q: Some of us are on a very tight budget. Would you consider lowering the price?

A: We understand a lot of people are on tight budgets and that's why we set up a 2nd membership plan. You don't have to pay for the year in full. If it fits your budget better, you can choose the month to month plan and that is only $9.95 a month. The paid in full annual membership is $97. Either way, we believe this is an awesome value and here's why:

The inner circle is NOT just a support community or discussion forum. The inner circle features include the meal planner software which is included with membership, the nutrition tracking tools and calculators, the vast knowledge base of articles and Q & A columns, downloadable audio MP3 files for learning and getting motivated while listening on your iPod or in your car, video lessons, transformation challenge contests - only for members, and much more.

Theres also the download library, which you can access from the very first day you join. You could go straight to our download department and get at least 10 times your money's worth on your very first visit! One of our members sent us this email after his first day inside the Inner Circle:

"I have visited .000001% of this site and it already worth the $9.95 per month all day long. It is totally worth it in the first 5 seconds. Congratulations - what an incredible job." - Dean W.

Q: What's the difference between your e-mail newsletter subscribers and being a "member"

A: We have an e-zine subscription form on our site which we use to send free fitness tips or articles and announce news about what's new on the site in the members-only area. Subscribing to the email newsletter is free for anyone - members or non members alike, but subcribing to the Inner Circle free tips & updates newsletter doesn't give you access to get into the members area. When you sign up as a member, you get a user name and password and then you can log into the site as often as you like.

Q: Is the order page on your site secure?

A: Yes our order page is 100% secure. We have a secure server certificate from Verisign and a secure order page which encrypts all credit card information to keep it safe. You can confirm that the order page is secure by looking in your browser bar and you will see https:// instead of http (the extra "s" stands for secure).

Q: I signed up for one of those monthly billing things before and they wouldn't stop billing me. I had to jump through all kinds of hoops before they ended my membership. How do I know you will stop billing me if I ever need to cancel?

A: If you prefer, you can just choose the paid in full membership that is a one time fee with no recurring monthly dues at all. If you prefer the monthly membership plan, you should know that one of our TOP priorities when we set up our monthly billing plan was to make it so easy to cancel, you don't even have to contact our customer service - you can cancel yourself at any time for any reason.

We have an instantaneous, one-click, no hassles cancellation. All you have to do is go to the "manage your account" link, log in to your account, click on "cancel your membership," click on the cancel button and that is all there is to it! We could not make it any easier than a do-it-yourself one-click cancellation.

In fact, you don't even have to send in a request to cancel - you can do it by yourself - there's no forms, no phone calls, no paperwork, no red tape, no hassles at all. You can also email our customer support team and we'll do it for you.

Not only that, you are welcome back at any time in the future. You can join, cancel and re-join anytime you choose. The only down side with letting your membership lapse is if our rates go up, you would have to pay the new rates when you re-join, so that's a big perk to keeping your membership current ("the grandfather clause')...and at $9.95 its worth it too, even if you don't visit the site that often.

You're only one click away from a huge knowledge-base of fitness and nutrition answers, all the group support you need, and a better body than you've ever had before. Come join us!



Tom venuto, founder & CEO,
Burn The Fat Inner Circle


PS. Take a look at some of the e-mails we've recently received and some posts from our discussion forum with comments about how much everyone enjoys the Inner Circle:


"Every single day there's a new fitness "guru" popping up on the Internet trying to tell you the secrets that nobody else will tell you all for only $167.00. My biggest complaint when I was growing up was that the information sources for fitness were limited to the magazines. But is today any better? There's thousands of fitness blogs, newsletters and websites. Anybody can post a slew of myths and it's instantly taken as facts as much as a credible website. But the consumer, unless educated, has no idea. In which case, it's just as bad having too much bad information as it is having too little. It's just one more reason that I'm a proud Burn The Fat Inner Circle member. I get the facts correct the first time. I know how to do research and I can tell the difference between a professional website vs. somebody who's just put up a blog and knows how to make it look pretty. Thanks go to Tom for turning down the volume on all the noise lately and giving us a space to learn in a pollution free environment." - Marc David, Inner Circle Member/Moderator

"At my heaviest weight I was 320 lbs. When I started BFFM last August 2006 I was 280 lbs. My body fat% was over 39%. It is now April 2007 and my weight is 195 lbs and my BF% is around 12%. WOOOHOOOO LOOK AT ME! I want to thank Tom Venuto and everyone that contributes to the Inner Circle. With my BFFM bible and the priceless support and encouragement from everyone at the Inner Circle I'm turning it up a notch or two and now working hard on achieving my goal of 6-8 BF%. So again,....to Tom and everyone involved with the Inner Cirle....I THANK YOU ALL - Michael, Inner Circle Member

"When you combine the positive attitude of the members here with the knowledge, there is really no direction to go but winning." -Tim, Inner Circle Member 

"I am really jazzed about the inner circle!!! I already feel right at home here. Like minds, Like goals, Like problems, infinite solutions! - Lisa, Inner Circle member 

"Cool Community energy! Wow! I am so delighted by the energy of this community. There is such diversity, knowledge, compassion and honesty. Initially, I thought I might be intimidated thinking you were all hard bodies...and though you all are (or will soon be!) I realize by reading your posts, that to get there we all have taken a journey. And it is from your journey experiences I am truly looking forward to learning."- Jenny, Burn The Fat Inner Circle Member

"Hi to everyone. It is amazing to be part of a world wide circle of like minded people. I am from Queensland , Australia and wish everyone the best that life can hold. I am a 56 year old Grandma of 4 with a long standing enjoyment of gym work... that was until 30 kg went on. I Am really looking forward to rebuilding my inner strength and fitness. Should be an interesting journey." - Valerie, Inner Circle member

"Very exciting times ahead! I'm very excited to join this Inner Circle Team effort. The site looks amazing with TONS of valuable information. I wish I had more time to explore all at once." - Kostas, Inner Circle member

"Hey everyone...I just wanted to introduce myself and share my excitement and good vibes about this site....no book on exercise or nutrition ever really made much sense to me until I got the BFFM book. .I'm looking forward to the same thing from the website, and I am really looking forward to possibly gaining additional insight/motivation on health and fitness from some of you guys out there. I'm really stoked to have the chance to explore the website" - Casey, Inner Circle member

"I downloaded Tom's BFFM e-book about 3 years ago and STILL refer to it often - rereading chapters and reinforcing what I've learned. Now there's an internet community for us to connect, share, and learn with each other...to inspire each other. Awesome! Thanks!" - Patricia, Inner Circle member

"I've lost 74lbs over the last 4 months and Now that I've found the Inner Circle, I'm going to STAY fit. Great Web site!" - Scot, Burn The Fat Inner Circle member 

"At the age of 44, I needed to find something to get my metabolic rate moving. I found it with BFFM. Been on BFFM for 2 years now. Couldn't have made a better choice. Started out at 184 lbs with 19% body fat. I have been maintaining for the last year at 155 lbs and 4% bodyfat. Hard work pays off. Eat right all the time and totally commit to cardio,(HIIT) lifting, goals and most importantly proper nutrition 5 times a day. Every day. Good luck, stay fit and stay tuned to BFFM for a lifetime." - Scott, Burn The Fat Inner Circle Member 

"I am very excited about this site, as I'm sure it'll help me with achieving my goals. The support and discussion from people who are going through the same things as me is so helpful." - Natasha, Burn The Fat Inner Circle member