Burn the Fat 2012 Holiday Challenge 98-Day Body Transformation Contest: Women’s Top 3

Burn the Fat 2012 Holiday Challenge 98-Day Body Transformation Contest: Women's Top 3

Burn the Fat 2012 Holiday Challenge 98-Day Body Transformation Contest: Women's Top 3

By Tom Venuto & The Burn The Fat Team

The Burn the Fat Challenge is a twice-a-year event sponsored by Burn the Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM) and hosted at the Burn the Fat Inner Circle.

The 'original' 49-day challenge runs across the holidays and starts Every November before Thanksgiving and finishes in January as we bring in the new year.

The summer challenge is known as the "BIG BURN" because it starts in May and runs across the entire summer - 98 days of "burning!" ...

It's no easy task to stay focused on intense training and strict eating for 4 months straight. However, this year's challenge - season 6 - had the highest completion rate of any summer challenge in Burn the Fat history. Hundreds finished, and were inducted into the Burn the Fat Hall of fame. Thousands of other "burners" followed all the challenge action here inside the members-only forums as the results unfolded in real-time right before their eyes.

And now, the results of the 2012 Burn the Fat Summer challenge are in the history books! The entire field of female finishers and finalists this year was stellar, but the judges finally narrowed down the pack to the top 10 and then finally to 3 finalists and one overall grand champion...

The grand prize for the grand champion: An all expenses paid luxury vacation for two to Maui, Hawaii!

Second runner-up (3rd place): Nikki Tuazon-Hodges

Nikki says that it took a tremendous amount of courage for her to take her before photos and post them in the challenge forums, because she was the heaviest and most out of shape she had ever been in her life. As she explained:

"None of my clothes fit. I was regularly ripping holes in my jeans. I was down to my last pair of pants, which admittedly didn't fit at all. I refused to buy larger clothes. I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, as if I was living in someone else's body. I was stuck and realized that I needed to make some serious changes for my own well being and happiness."

And what a change she made - a totally transformed physique and top 3 finish in the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle challenge! Here are Nikki's before and after results by the numbers: weight down 33.2 pounds, body fat down 16%, lean body mass up 4.2 pounds. She also dropped 5 inches off her waist!

Her keys to success? The first thing Nikki realized is that she needed to focus on improving her body fat percentage and body composition - not just "losing weight." Next, she traced back her recent weight gain to what she believed were the primary causes and triggers, she found the solutions, and then focused on those areas diligently. Getting support and accountability by joining a team was also a major factor in her success.

A big change for Nikki was committing to stick with a serious strength training program. She chose a superset workout system and planned each workout in advance around her other responsibilities - making the training high on her priority list. Her nutrition was 90% "clean foods," 30% deficit, with two re-feed days per week and a 40-40-20 ratio of macronutrients (protein, carbs and fats). If a food didn't fit within this plan (which allowed 10% leeway for "non-compliant" treats), she didn't eat it. Nikki had a concrete plan and stuck to it.

Nikki's before and after numbers and photos are certainly impressive. Equally impressive, we believe, is how her challenge essay articulated her motivation to get started, despite the fear, her analytical approach to the problem, her diligent planning and scheduling of the solution and her application of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle principles.

Congratulations Nikki!

To visit Nikki's journal, CLICK HERE (members only)

First runner-up (2nd place): Olivia Violet Robinson

We think a fitness model or figure star has just been "born!" WOW! I mean, what do you think, fellow burners and builders, is this the body of a figure athlete or what? To accomplish this in 98 days leaves us almost speechless! Olivia burned 31 pounds and 8% body fat (in fact, we even suspect her body fat test UNDER estimated her percentage of fat loss - the pictures speak for themselves).

Olivia's transformation photos are right up there among the most dramatic we've seen. What impresses us (you all know what impresses us by now...) is not just the loss of body weight, but the total transformation in body shape and body composition and all the shapely muscle that has been uncovered after getting 30 pounds leaner.

In Olivia's challenge essay (which you can read in the forums if you are a member), she said that her goal was to get herself in the best shape of her life. She knew that all successful burners had a "reason why" that fueled their motivation and she had one too: "With children on the horizon next year I wanted to be in the best possible place I can be, the healthiest and happiest I can be in mind, body and spirit. This was my motivation."

We're eager to hear more from Olivia about her specific strategies, but one thing we know was a key to her success was commitment. She explained how, when she commits to anything (or anyone), she gives all of herself, 100% work ethic, 100% drive... no excuses, no exceptions. That's a trait we see in a lot of our champions...

So the next time you look at Olivia's photos (maybe her after's might even become your visualization photos), you could let her transformation pictures be your "commitment reminder."

Congratulations Olivia!

To visit Olivia's journal, CLICK HERE (members only)

The Overall Winner (1st place) is... Christina Kosha

Christina's before and after stats: She cut almost 7 inches off her waist, dropped 38.5 pounds of body weight, and when you factor in the increase in lean body mass of 4.2 pounds, that brings her total fat loss to 42.7 pounds of fat incinerated! Although the summer challenge was only judged for 98 days, we would be neglectful if we didn't mention that to date, Christina has dropped a total of 95 pounds of fat in 9 months (she told us that at one point, her body weight had peaked at 271 pounds).

Married and 39 years young, Christina is an extremely busy professional, and she confessed that her "busyness" was part of her downfall in the past, when she would clock workweeks up to 80 hours (at least 70 on average). One of the secrets to her transformation, she believes, was putting herself first. She decided to get more productive and squeeze more work into 50 hours than she had before in 70-80! Making that extra "found" time for herself - nutrition, training and a healthy lifestyle - made all the difference.

Another key to her success was her intense focus on the mind and motivation aspects of body transformation. If you read her journal or her success secrets interview, you can see how she masterfully figured out how to channel her desire for change, cultivate her self-confidence, tap into the power of setting clear, specific goals and use visualization to mentally rehearse successful action steps and see the desired end result.

The judges were especially impressed with how Christina transformed every inch of her physique from head to toe from fat to solid muscle. This is what you could call a "total body transformation." You can see incredible changes from every angle and the increase in visible muscle is simply striking! What a perfect example of not just "losing weight" or "getting skinny," but of changing body composition! That is the real essence of Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, and Christina "got it," pursued it and knocked it out of the park!

We highly recommend you read Christina's success tips article, and if you are a member, log in and read her contest journal and essay. The Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle challenge is scored NOT just on before and after photos, but also on an essay each contestant writes about her challenge experience. Christina's was clearly a winning-level essay, but more than that, every one who reads it cannot help but walk away with ideas as well as inspiration.

Congratulations Christina, and enjoy your well-earned and well-deserved grand prize trip to Maui!

To read Chistina's transformation success tips article, CLICK HERE

To Visit Christina's journal CLICK HERE (members only)

COMING SOON to the member's-only area: The audio interview with the champion

CONGRATULATIONS Nikki, Olivia and Christina!

Stay tuned burners, there is more contest coverage on the way including write-ups on the entire field of top 10 finalists and the special category awards...

If you're a current Inner Circle member, please be sure to visit our champion's journal threads, wish them a warm congratulations and tell them what you think!

YOU? The Next Body Transformation
Success Story?

Yes - YOU could be the next Burn the Fat Challenge Champion. If you follow the same success strategies that our Burn the fat champions did....

Each of our champions had their own unique approach, but there are 5 success strategies they ALL had in common, and we can give you 4 of them!

1. Proven Program. All of our champions used Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - most importantly, they were using strategies for improving body composition - that means fat loss, not just weight loss.

2. Positive Association/ Support. All of our champions participated in a support forum using the power of association with like minded people

3. Accountability System. All of our champions used an accountability system - they "kept score" by measuring and tracking everything they wanted to improve, and then posting the results for others to see.

4. Rewards/External Motivation. All of our champions achieved their transformation during one of our official Burn the Fat body transformation challenge competitions and the prizes/rewards were pretty "juicy."

And What's Number 5?

5. Hard Work. All of our champions worked their butts off. No "magic pills" here. As Thomas Edison once said, "There is no substitute for hard work." None.

If you will provide the hard work, we'll provide the rest. If you're not a current member of the Inner Circle family yet, we invite you to become a part of our growing community.

Get the support, motivation and accountability you need to
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Click on the links below to learn more about Inner Circle membership... and we look forward to meeting you on the members-only forums... and seeing you at the next Burn The Fat Challenge!

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