THE CHANGE: The "Most Transformed Man Over 50" Reveals How He Melted 19 Inches Off His Waist, Burned 41 Pounds of Fat And Re-Vitalized His Health And His Life

THE CHANGE: The "Most Transformed Man Over 50" Reveals How He Melted 19 Inches Off His Waist, Burned 41 Pounds of Fat And Re-Vitalized His Health And His Life

THE CHANGE: The "Most Transformed Man Over 50" Reveals How He Melted 19 Inches Off His Waist, Burned 41 Pounds of Fat And Re-Vitalized His Health And His Life

By Tim Amyett

Meet Tim Amyett: winner of "The Most Transformed Man Over 50" Award in the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Challenge.

As you can see in the photos, It's an incredible physical transformation. What you can't see in the pictures is the change on the inside - his health, his confidence, his attitude - that literally changed Tim's life. You CAN however, read about it below.

As part of our Burn the Fat challenge contest, each entrant not only posts his before and after photos and body composition stats, he also submits an essay about the challenge experience. Tim's essay, appropriately titled, "THE CHANGE" reveals the keys to his transformation, both on the inside and the outside.

"For me, THE CHANGE started with taking a very hard look at where my passive daily decisions were taking me. I got sick and tired of being me. I decided I was going to be what 'I' wanted to be! No more blaming anything or anybody else!"

That's how it all started: Making a decision and taking responsibility. The rest is in the Burn the Fat challenge history (and record) books. Read on for Tim's challenge-winning essay...

The Change, By Tim Amyett
"Most Transformed Man Over 50"

This has been the most mentally and physically challenging, but life-changing transformation. I never in my wildest dreams thought could happen to me.

For years now - over 25 years - I have looked at myself with a number of varied emotions. Self-loathing emotions of despair and contempt, with a disabling depression over my weight and health problems. I blamed it on my genetics and environment and did not take responsibility for my actions. Even now, emotions well up inside of me as I remember my discouraged state of mind.

This has truly required a daily decision. I believed originally the challenge would be the other contestants, but I've learned that the real challenge was to chose to change my thoughts and actions. This was the hardest of all the exercises, and this was a necessary prerequisite for my transformation.

Around the first part of 2012 is when this journey began. I started implementing principles detailed in the first few chapters of Tom Venuto's book Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) and set my first goals in March of 2012.

Earlier in 2010, I had been diagnosed with atherosclerosis (plaque in the arteries of the heart) with three substantial blockages,(one at 70% and 2 at 50%) an the doctor recommend stints. I felt this would be just treating the symptoms, and not a lasting change. I knew it was past time to get serious. Along with atherosclerosis, the effects of an indulgent life style was taking it's toll on my body in the forms of early stage diabetes, sleep apnea, arthritis and gastro-esophogeal reflux disease (GERD).

I was experiencing first hand the consequences of not caring for myself, and I knew it was only going to get worse. I had vivid dreams of having a heart attack or of having bypass surgery and being strapped to a table as a masked doctor sawed open my chest.

When I finally decided to get serious about taking control of my health, I believed that the most qualified to learn from would be the natural body builders and fitness experts. They personify the health and character I so desperately wanted and needed.

Winners are always committed or ALL IN, and I desperately wanted to be a winner... I had been a loser for so long... I wanted to prove to myself that I could change, that I could become responsible. I wanted the whole thing, and I became determined to do what ever it took to get it.

So my search began - and ended pretty quickly. I found Tom Venuto's web site and I bought "The Book" Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM). The facts behind the health and fitness life style were immediately illuminated, with concise frank and to the point," let the chips fall where they may" delivery about taking control of my health. Tom dispelled the myths. He refused to sugar coat the facts about the work and commitment required. Man I loved that! The truth ain't the easy way out!

But then Tom V. picked up where everyone else left off. He teaches concepts about how to change your thoughts and how you must grow winning actions and new habits that make you acquire the attitude of an achiever. That makes me remember the saying, "When the student is ready the teacher will appear." And like an architect, he laid out the process required to make The Change.

On the Burn the Fat web sites, I saw many examples of others who had taken control of their lives and responsibility for their health using BFFM principles. They had systematically changed to healthier lifestyles and were now amazingly different healthy people. My declining health along with 2012 Summer Challenge (and the totally awesome Prize), was some of the motivation to fast track this program for me. As Mr. Venuto would say, "You can choose to become the best that YOU can be." And as Inner Circle member Brian (gringo on the forums) would say, "I've done it - so can you."

I believed with no room for doubt, "I am winning" because I have changed my life into the habit-driven routine of nutrition and exercise. I've decided to be a winner, I must distance myself from any errant thought. I look at every tempting occasion as the one little thing that would keep me from succeeding. I stumble and fall, succumb many times, but I am determined I will not quit!

We've all seen fights where the challenger really won, but lost because he didn't knock out the champ. For me, the competition begins with myself. To do all I can do, to be what I want to be, to defeat the old beliefs that had controlled me for so long, that was, and always will be, my "competition." There were times during this challenge I faced obstacles with a razor sharp focus, like a gladiator faces a lion in the coliseum, knowing he has but one thrust at the beast, and then times when with a mediocre effort, I was dinner.

The abiding knowledge that if I worked very hard every day, and consistently gave it my best (but human) effort, I would be the winner. I was never satisfied with my effort. Conquering myself has made me confident in being able to undertake with confidence other challenges in my life.

The tools required for The Change were supplied via the BFFM materials. Everything starting with "The Book" all the way through the myriad of downloads, personal messages from the staff, forums, audio coaching to the 5th element.

I studied the past winners and they - and all the Inner Circle family - were a constant strength all through this challenge. I read and re-read so many posts and got so much encouragement from those that replied to my journal. Following the forum and being a part of the inner circle became a habit to me. Everyone was such an encouragement in so many different ways.

This transformation on the outside is a direct result of The Change of my mindset. Now I can empathize with others. Have you lost hope? Do you think you can never change what you are? I understand to some degree what you believe. But I want to encourage you if you're reading this - to give you the hope - that if I've done it, so can you... Otherwise, this is a rather diminished achievement for me.

My thanks especially goes out to Tom Venuto for his development of this system that has transformed my health and life. You see - ALL the health problems are totally gone - except for minimal arthritis, and that's getting better every day. But the best thing I've received was the confidence - the "I Can Achieve" attitude!

So in parting, I thank you again, (I'm not kidding) Tom Venuto from the bottom of a now healthy, unclogged heart, for how you've helped me change my life.

To ALL: Choose to become the best that YOU can be, and be transformed by The Change. Good luck to everyone, and let the journey continue.

Tim Amyett


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